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Staff with District of Guysborough Pivot to Four Day Work Week

The CAO for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough says changes to the work week for

Guysborough District Municipal Building

staff are going well.

Starting last Monday, as part of the municipality’s COVID-19 protocol, the municipality’s staff are using a four-day work week with adjusted hours. Half are working Monday to Thursday with Friday off, and the rest are working Tuesday to Friday with Monday off. Everyone was given a chance to remain with the old system but no one took the offer, said Barry Carroll.

Carroll said the municipality staffed its offices during the height of the pandemic using a two-day-on, two-day-off system. During off days, staff that could work from home did so. The idea for the four day week came up in April and administration built a framework to put it in place.

Carroll called it a win for staff and a win for staff and the public. He also said staff fielded questions from municipalities and businesses across the country who are wondering how the system works.