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Strait of Canso Development Project Representatives Speak to Inverness County Council

Members of the working group in charge of the Strait of Canso Development project appeared before Inverness County last Monday to update the municipal unit on its progress.
The process was started a number of years ago, as many businesses and municipalities bordering the Strait of Canso recognize an economic opportunity with the strait. Last November, almost 30 industry and development leaders gathered to flesh out an approach to economically develop the Strait of Canso.

Six goals were identified by the group. The long-term goal is to attract new business investment to the area.

Jeff Stanley was leading the discussion. He serves as the Director of Economic Development and Tourism for the Municipality of the County of Richmond. Joining him were Amanda Buckley-Mombourquette, Executive Director of the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce; and Karen Malcolm, Account Manager for Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.