Strait Regional School Board By-Laws up for discussion but remain unchanged

No change is afoot in the Strait Regional School Board for board members attending their monthly board meetings after discussion around bylaws. Article 3.10 within the board’s bylaws

Strait Regional School Board Chair Jamie Samson

and rules was up for discussion, with the topic centered around board member’s attendance, and the use of electronic telecommunication.

Board chair, Jamie Samson says that the changes put forward were to update the wording of the bylaws and to reflect the technological changes of 2018. Samson says that all board members had a chance to voice their concerns about the proposed changes in the bylaw:



Samson says most of the changes were to ‘modernize’ the wording of certain sections, which some board members took issue with. Some members expressed their concern over privacy while using electronic devices to attend meetings, while others didn’t think the new amendments were clear enough on other issues.