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T. Thomason’s new single “Hope” Performing Well Following Successful Appearance on CTV’s “The Launch”

A musician who grew up in Antigonish, T Thomason is  the second recording artist to release a

T. Thomason (CTV photo)

song after taking part in CTV’s The Launch, a musical competition series.

Thomason’s version of the song Hope won over a live audience and earned him the victory in Wednesday’s airing of the Launch. Thomason auditioned against four other artists in front of celebrity mentors  before he and fellow musician Trevor LaRose were both asked to record and perform the song Hope. Thomason’s version won  and the song was released to radio stations and digital stores the next day.

Thomason, who now lives in Halifax,  called winning a brain freeze moment, noting the song reached the top five of the ITunes pop charts.

Thomason is in Toronto for a little while, with a return to the East Coast set for the Spring, followed by some gigs in the UK.