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Recount declares Lloyd Hines Elected in Guysborugh-Eastern Shore-Tracadie

207A judicial recount Friday has confirmed Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines as elected in the provincial riding of Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie. The recount was held in Halifax under the supervision of Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. The recount showed Hines received 2,565 votes; 71 more than PC challenger Rob Wolf.

Another recount confirmed the Liberal Bill Horne as elected in Waverly-Fall River-Beaverbank by a 65 vote margin over the PC’s Bill McNaughton.

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MLA-Elect Alana Paon looking forward to representing Cape Breton-Richmond

One of Nova Scotia’s incoming MLA’s says the past month has been a whirlwind of full days, and many late nights. For the first time in 19 years, the riding of Cape Breton Richmond will have a new representative. Alana Paon says a busy month of May capped off with an unbelievable election day.
Her son graduated from Dalhousie University in the morning, and then she won the riding by 21 votes later that day. Paon says, however, that she had complete faith in the people counting ballots. Had a recount been called in this close race, Paon says she felt comfortable with her win:
Longtime MLA for the riding Michel Samson did not request the recount by the Monday deadline, leaving a clear path for Paon to take the seat.
Paon says her diverse background gives her confidence that she can represent the people of the area well. In particular, her farming background gives her a better understanding of the unique challenges of living in Cape Breton-Richmond:
Paon comes into a government where the PC’s picked up 7 seats during the election, giving them 17 overall. She hopes this will result in more collaborations between parties.
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Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie recount taking place in Halifax

Dates have been scheduled for the three judicial recounts arising from the May 30 election. Locally, Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines won the Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie seat over Rob Wolf of the PC’s by 71 votes.

The Judicial recount of ballots for Guysborough- Eastern Shore-Tracadie under the supervision of Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith begins this morning at 9:30 at the Halifax courthouse. There is no indiciation on how long the recount will take.

One other judicial recount will happen today, for Waverly-Fall River-Beaverbank.
A third recount will take place on Monday for Chester-St. Margaret’s
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Houston Pleased with Election Results

One of the largest margins of victory from last weeks Provincial Election came in the riding of Pictou East, and the candidate is happy with the support he received. Tim Houston has represented the riding since 2013, and won the riding with 74% of the votes.
Houston says he was pleased overall with the results on election night province wide, and is looking forward to representing his consituents again. With the PC’s holding 17 seats in the Legislature, Houston is hopeful for more balance in the province:
Houston says that over the campaign, he knocked on nearly 4500 doors to hear from residents. Overall, the concerns he heard most are related to doctor shortages and road work in rural areas.
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Antigonish PC Candidate Ray Mattie says he enjoyed his first provincial election campagin

With the Provincial election being wrapped up, the Antigonish PC candidate has had time to reflect on his first attempt in provincial politics. Ray Mattie came up short behind Liberal Incumbent Randy Delorey by a little more than 700 votes.
Mattie says he enjoyed the campaign and is pleased with his result. Talking to local residents was a powerful experience for Mattie:
Mattie plays in a local gorup, Pogey, but is also director for Music on Main and the new Black River Music Fest.
Mattie says although it’s a busy summer, he looks forward to performing and organizing shows. He says a foundation has been created for the Black River Festival, and he is excited to see it grow in the coming years:
Mattie says this new festival is expected to employ around 200 people through the local area and have positive economic spinoffs for Antigonish Town and County. The Black River Music Fest is proudly supported by 989 XFM Nothing But Hits
Mattie says his summer will be spent working and playing at music festivals and concerts around the region. Mattie says he looks forward to a second chance at becoming MLA for Antigonish when the opportunity arises.
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PC’s to seek recount in Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie, Samson will not ask for recount in Cape Breton-Richmond

There will be one recount in a local riding from last week’s provincial election.  The Progressive Conservatives have asked for a recount in Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie.  In that riding, Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines won by 71 votes over PC challenger Rob Wolf.  No date has been set for the recount. It’s one of three recounts in the province; the others were requested by the PC’s in Waverly-Fall River-Beaverbank, and the NDP in Chester-St. Margarets.

Liberal candidate for Cape Breton-Richmond Michel Samson has announced that he will not request recount following the May 30th election. Samson met with his campaign team on Sunday evening and decided not to request a recount after losing the seat by 21 votes to PC candidate Alana Paon.

Samson served as MLA for 19 years in the riding of Cape Breton Richmond. Samson says that: “I am grateful for the many colleagues from both the NDP and PC caucuses I have worked with during my time as MLA.  I always respected and admired their efforts on behalf of their constituents with the goal of making our province stronger.”

Samson says he will now spend time with family and friends and see what new opportunities lie ahead.
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Liberals win Majority Government

Nova Scotia’s governing Liberals have won a second majority government, the first time a party has won back-to-back majorities in Nova Scotia since 1988. The Liberals captured 27 seats, the PC’s 17 and the New Democrats won 7. There were many tight races locally, including in the Antigonish riding.
Liberal incumbent Randy Delorey is on for his second term after defeating Ray Mattie with 43% of the votes. Delorey says winning a second majority government means Nova Scotians have confidence in their Liberal government:
Delorey won the Antigonish riding after a close race against candidates Ray Mattie with the PC’s and the NDP’s Moraig Macgillivray. Recently, the Antigonish riding has flucuated support between all three parties.
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Michel Samson loses; Delorey, Hines, MacMaster, Houston, Dunn and MacFarlane re-elected

There were a couple of nail biters in local ridings in yesterday’s provincial election.

The biggest surprise was the defeat of long-time Liberal incumbent Michel Samson, losing in a tight race in Cape Breton-Richmond to Alana Paon of the PC’s. Paon received 3,336 votes, just 20 more than Samson.

Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie MLA Lloyd Hines was re-elected by a thin margin, garnering 2,565 votes, compared to PC challenger Rob Wolf at 2,494.

Other local MLA’s also re-elected were Liberal Randy Delorey in Antigonish, along with Conservatives Allan MacMaster in Inverness, Tim Houston in Pictou East, Pat Dunn in Pictou Centre and Karla MacFarlane in Pictou West.

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PC candidate says Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie says riding has unique and diverse concerns

Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie presents many unique needs when Provincial Candidates knock on doors. The riding is the largest per square kilometer in the province, and stretches from the border of HRM, all the way to the northern part of the Mainland.
PC Candidate for the riding, Rob Wolf says he enjoys hearing from the voters of the area. Wolf says this particular riding has some of the more unique and diverse concerns:
Wolf will be running against Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines. Wolf believes Health Care is a major concern for the residents of the riding, and hopes an elected PC government can address these concerns.
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McNeil visits Antigonish in a final push in Nova Scotia Election

In the home stretch of this Provincial Election, leaders are travelling across the province to support local candidates and win the votes from constituents.

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil made a brief stop in Antigonish Monday asking people in attendance to send their vote Randy Delorey’s way. MacNeil says Delorey has done an admirable in his first term as finance minister:

McNeil says he is proud of his party’s hard work and dedication to their platform and thinks the polls will reflect that residents feel the same.


Tune in Tuesday  evening starting at 8:00 for 989 XFM’s live election coverage. We’ll provide updates from 7 local ridings throughout the evening.