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Local Leaders Discover first hand the day to day experience of living in a wheelchair

Monday was an eye opening day for many of the town and county’s councillors, MLA Randy Delorey and business owners. 17 people took part in an accessibility challenge, where they used a wheelchair for the day to raise awareness to the realities of many living in our communities. The event was spearheaded by Antigonish County councillor Gary Mattie.
Tammy Feltmate is Antigonish County’s Director of Sustainable Communities, and was one of the organizers for the event. She says many of the participants commented on how small things seemed like much larger challenges when sitting in a wheelchair. For many, it was an empowering experience:
 Antigonish Town Mayor says an accessibilty challenge that she took part in on Monday was an empowering experience for her, and those who took part.
Boucher is part of a committee that intends to address these accessibility problems within the town, and says having first hand experience revealed how visually simple things, can be big barriers:
Feltmate says there was a group round-table at the end of Monday to discuss practical ways to address key issues that affect people in wheelchairs. She hopes that this initiative can be the spark for some changes around the community to improve accessibility.