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Inverness Council dissolves Accessibility Committee; Committee will continue as a Not-For-Profit Group

Laurie Cranton, councillor for Margaree and area, updated council on all the latest with the municipality’s accessibility committee. As a result of that update, the municipality no longer has an accessibility committee.

 Some of the goals of the committee were to bring in revenue for projects, but municipal committees are not allowed to fundraise. Therefore, council dissolved the municipality committee, but the group will live on as a not-for-profit organization. The current members will still be in place.

 Cranton said nothing really changes, but the group will be able to do more as a not-for-profit society.

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Antigonish moving forward with Accessibility Initiatives

A campaign promise is becoming a reality in the Town of Antigonish. During last Fall’s municipal election, many councillors heard concerns from residents about the lack of accessibility in the town, as well as other shortfalls for those who have disabilities.
Town Mayor Laurie Boucher says as part of the budget, the town is contributing two hundred thousand dollars towards a wheelchair ramp for town hall, and installing audio signals at intersections around town. Boucher says this is a necessary step moving forward:
Boucher took part in the accessibility challenge last week and is excited to see some movement on this front.
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Town of Antgionish Acessibility Committee Taking Shape

The Town of Antigonish has all but selected the members needed for a new committee designed to address accessibility in the town. Applicants submitted forms to be a part of this committee, and council voted to approve members.

Mayor Laurie Boucher says striking this committee has been a long time coming for the town of Antigonish. She says that she is hopeful that people with accessibility issues will soon see a difference in the town:



Boucher says the next step is to nominate two members of council to be on the committee as well. Boucher says the first meeting with this group will be held by the end of the month.

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Town of Antigonish looking at options to make the community more accessible

A call for better accessibility in Antigonish is coming. After Monday night’s Town council meeting, Mayor Laurie Boucher discussed the next step towards the town’s accessibility plan. At the January town council meeting, the mayor said she and councillors want to make the town more accessible to all residents and visitors. It has now been decided that a committee will form.

The committee will include two councillors, the mayor and 4 members of the community with at least two having some accessibility issues. Boucher says accessibility issues are not simply limited to people who utilize a wheelchair or crutches:


The next step will be advertising to the public to fill the positions on the committee and having the first meeting, once the committee is struck, in the next couple months. Boucher says the newfound action towards accessibility is in reaction to concerns heard during campaigning for the last municipal election, and also because it is 2017.

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Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher favours work to make the town more Accessible

During Monday’s town council meeting, Mayor Laurie Boucher brought up the topic of accessibility in the Town of Antigonish. She feels the town is lacking when it comes to making buildings accessible for residents and visitors alike.

In particular, Boucher would like to see work being done to improve sidewalks within the town, as well as the installation of wheelchair ramps.

Mayor Boucher says there are many areas to improve within the town.


Boucher realizes it’s going to affect the budget, but believes that accessibility is worth the money.