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Local Companies Submit Low Bids

Two local construction companies submitted the low bids on several projects in the province.

Alva Construction posted the lowest tender of $1.9 million for a replacement of the Cape St. Mary’s Bridge in Digby County. Two other companies offered quotes on the project.

Nova Construction submitted the lowest bid of $846,000 for drainage improvements, patching and repaving in Antigonish County, at Addington Forks Road and the Natural Resources Department Parking lot on Beech Hill Road.

Two other companies provided estimates.

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Several Local Companies post low tenders on Construction Projects

Several local construction companies submitted low bids on tenders.

Alva Construction submitted the lowest quote of 67-thousand dollars for a slope failure repair on the Bayfield Beach Road, near the provincial park entrance. Six other companies bid on the project.

S. W. Weeks Contracting had the low bid for drainage improvements, partial depth reclamation and asphalt concrete repaving for three projects in Pictou County. They include Trunk 6 at Meadowville Station Road, River John Road and Salt Springs Drive. S. W. Weeks posted a bid of 2.2 million dollars. Two other companies also submitted quotes.

Zutphen Contractors had the low bid of just under 924-thousand dollars for replacement of the Captain Gillis Bridge on Trunk 19. Three other companies submitted bids.

and Nova Construction submitted the low bid of just under 435-thousand dollars for drainage improvements and gravelling for two projects in Hants County on Northfield Road and Payzant Bog Road, totalling more than 5.5 kilometres. Eight other companies posted quotes on the contract.