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Antigonish Community Energy Cooperative Welcomes NEB Report on the Financial Viability of Solar Power

The National Energy Board recently released a report looking at the financial viability of installing solar power.

The report stated homeowners, businesses and communities are expected to save money with solar in many places in Nova Scotia, PEI, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

The report also states provincial rebate programs can significantly lower the cost of installing solar, and homeowners and businesses might save money in provinces like Nova Scotia, where such programs exist.

David Morgan, president of the Antigonish Community Energy (ACE) Cooperative, called it a good report, noting ACE came up with similar numbers when it came to looking at Nova Scotia. He said the two bodies have different calculations when it comes to installation costs and how the payback is calculated.

Morgan said now it is an excellent time to invest in solar in Nova Scotia, with the confidence people will make their money back over the lifespan of the equipment.     

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Antigonish Community Energy Co-Op To Discuss Solar Energy in a Number of Communities this Fall

The Antigonish Community Energy Co-Op is hitting the road to discuss solar energy.

Patrick Yancey,  a board member with the ACE Co-Op, said the co-op serves Cape Breton, Guysborough, Pictou, and Colchester Counties as well as Antigonish County. Yancey said they’ll discuss the co-op and how their group-buy works for savings on a solar power system.

Yancey said he’s found people have a lot of questions around solar energy and they like talking to experts who are knowledgeable about the subject.

The co-op is hitting the New Glasgow Library Tuesday, the CBRM library in Sydney on Thursday at 7 p.m., The Truro Lion’s Club at 7 p.m. on October 30, and at the People’s Place Library in Antigonish on November 1, when they will also host the AGM for the co-op.


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Local Solar Power Group applauds Federal-Provincial Solar Rebate Program

Members of the Antigonish Community Energy Co-op are welcoming a joint federal-provincial initiative to help Nova Scotia homeowners install solar systems.
The SolarHomes program offers a rebate of up to 10-thousand dollars for solar electricity systems installed after June 25th.
ACE Communications Director Patrick Yancey says interest in solar remains high and this program will help.
The federal government is providing 14-million dollars a year over four years to the program from its low carbon economy fund.  The province has committed three million annually, also over four years.
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Antigonish Community Energy Co-op Pleased with New Solar Policy in the Town

Members of the Antigonish Community Energy Co-Op are pleased that the town has a new solar policy in place, making it easier to be connected. ACE communications coordinator Patrick Yancey says that the Town of Antigonish is the first municipal electric utility to connect residential solar power systems in the history of Nova Scotia.
With the new policy is place, Yancey says that going solar is now easier and more efficient:
Yancey says that four ACE Co-op members have now connected and have their systems generating power. Yancey says this is a great step in bringing clean energy to the area.
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Antigonish Community Energy Co-op has a busy 2018 ahead, including another Group Buy

A successful year for the Antigonish Community Energy Co-op has them excited for more possibilities in 2018. The group is entering into their third year of operation, and are preparing for a number of events in the near future.
ACE Coop communications coordinator Patrick Yancey says that open houses, community meetings and an upcoming group buy mean a busy start to 2018. Yancey says the group buy is a great way for people to get solar equipment at a decent price:
Yancey says that going solar is much easier now that the Town of Antigonish has adopted a new solar policy. Yancey says that an information session will be held in St. Andrew’s next Tuesday evening, so anyone who is interested in learning more about solar energy is encouraged to attend.
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Demand remains high for local Solar Power Program

An Antigonish-based solar power initiative is moving into its second round of installations.  Antigonish Community Energy Co-op Spokesperson Sarah Armstrong says 25 homes participated in the latest group buy, from right across the province.  The co-op is coordinating 24 installations, one homeowner is doing their own set up.
Armstrong says several factors are motivating the homeowners to go solar.
Armstrong says interest in solar remains high.  The cutoff for the next group buy will be in September.  Armstrong is optimistic it will attract some institutional customers as a result of  the province’s Solar Electricity for Community Buildings Program announced in the spring.
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Antigonish adopts program to make it easier for Solar Power users to recoup their investment

Results from Monday evenings town council meeting has local renewable energy enthusiasts excited. A net metering program is being setup in the town, which will help people recover from the upfront cost of solar panels.

David Morgan is the President of the Board of Directors for Antigonish Community Energy Co-op. Monday’s news of net metering in the town means that people who house solar panels will have an easier time making their money back:


Morgan says more exciting news regarding accessibility toward renewable energy will be coming up at the AGM for ACE. That is planned to take place in mid May