Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey

Posted at 1:11 pm on February 7, 2018

Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey is welcoming news of the addition of a new, full-time permanent midwifery position for Antigonish.

Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey, Health and Wellness Minister

It is one of two new positions announced by the Nova Scotia Health Authority; the other is on the South Shore in Bridgewater.  The additional hires will bring the number of full-time positions in each area to three.
Delorey says the Antigonish service at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital is well utilized.
Antigonish is one of three regions in the province that offer midwifery services.  Delorey says the additions are an effort to sustain the service, which is an important step

Posted at 9:36 am on February 1, 2018

Sweeping changes to education in the province mean the dissolving of school boards, and the Antigonish MLA says these changes are for the better of the students. Randy Delorey says that the changes are meant to improve student success, and he believes removing of the regional school boards will mean more resources will be put directly into the classrooms to help students.
Delorey says that he has an invested interest in these changes, and they impact him and his family directly:
Delorey says he understands that the topic of dissolving schools boards can be polarizing, but the long term benefits that come from it will make the education system better overall.

Posted at 10:51 am on January 30, 2018

Recent protests in Bridgewater represent a provincial struggle that is being experienced by midwives. Nearly 100 people rallied in front of MLA Mark Furey’s office

Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey, Health and Wellness Minister

after news that there would be no more midwives in the South Shore because of high demand, and exhausted workers.

The province’s Health and Wellness Minister, and Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey says that the focus in the immediate term is to deal with the sustainability of the services province wide. He says this is a cause and service that the province wants to keep:
Delorey says he visited the relatively new birthing room that the midwives use in the Antigonish area back in September. He says the provincial government is committed to supporting and keeping these services so families have the option for years to come

Posted at 9:48 am on December 27, 2017

The MLA for Antigonish is pleased with how a busy 2017 turned out after a number of positive provincial funding announcements in the area. Randy Delorey

Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey, Health and Wellness Minister

finishes 2017 with a new portfolio in Health and Wellness after retaking his seat after the spring time election.

Delorey says a personal highlight for him was seeing the work done with CACL Antigonish and having the province provide 500 thousand dollars in funding towards upgrades. Delorey says it’s always an added bonus when he sees local groups getting assistance from the province:
Delorey adds that standing in goal against former Montreal Canadian star, Stephane Richer was a highlight for the Minister. Delorey adds that the relationship between CACL and the Antigonish area shows what great community support looks like

Posted at 10:29 am on November 9, 2017

The province announced Wednesday that they are committing more money to help reduce wait times for treatment centres linked to powerful painkillers. Health Minister and Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey announced that the government is putting $800,000 to help create 250 additional spots in treatment programs at 12 locations around the province.
Delorey says the Health Authority will open new locations in Antigonish, New Glasgow and on the south shore. Delorey hopes that adding these spots will help those who are in need:
The programs will offer overdose kits that include nalaxone, and other services for those misusing potent painkillers. Delorey says the programs are aimed not just at preventing overdoses but also at giving people the support they need to live well.

Posted at 10:09 am on October 24, 2017

Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey says there is reason for optimism for the economy in his riding.  Delorey says there are three major projects on the books, including two major highway related upgrades, as well as construction  of Mulroney Hall and Xavier Commons at St. FX University.
Delorey says these projects are made possible in part through investments by the federal and provincial governments.  Delorey says there’s a sense of optimism in Paqtnkek resulting from the new interchange project.  He says at St. FX, the university is being revitalized and it will inspire students to the possibilities of what a university education can provide.

Posted at 11:42 am on September 28, 2017

Excitement is on the horizon for Paqtnkek as clearing has begun for a new interchange coming to the community. In July, the community voted heavily in favour of allowing an interchange to be placed in the area, allowing the community to use reserve land on the south side of the highway.
Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey says seeing work done on the highway now is encouraging to see, and will greatly benefit the community. Delorey says the conversations he’s has with community members have been positive, and they’re all excited for what the future holds:
Ever since the highway was built in the 1960s, residents have not been able to easily access about 200 hectares to the south of the highway. A $15.3-million highway interchange project would fix that problem.

Posted at 10:39 am on September 11, 2017

Nova Scotia’s health minister is travelling to communities within the province to hear from front line workers about the state of health care. Antigonish MLA, Randy Delorey says that he has heard from administrators, nursing staff and community stakeholders to hear their opinions, while visiting facilities.
Delorey says he travelled Sydney to Yarmouth, with stops in Antigonish, Guysborough and Halifax. While in the communities, he heard both positive and negative comments from workers:
Delorey says the tour around the province is not complete, yet he found that many communities expressed similar concerns in terms of primary care. Delorey says he is looking forward to returning to the Legislature this month, and hearing about health care from more Nova Scotians.

Posted at 10:14 am on August 3, 2017

 Nova Scotia’s Health and Wellness Minister welcomes the suggestions made by a Halifax area expert in Adolescent Mental Health in response to teen suicides on Cape Breton. Dr. Stan Kutcher spent three days on the island at the end of June to hear from parents, school officials and members of the community about three recent deaths.
MLA for Antigonish, Randy Delorey says Dr. Kutcher made recommendations that will be implemented immediately, and some that will be worked into the system after proper research is done. Overall, Delorey is very pleased with Dr. Kutcher’s work:
Other recommendations from Kutcher include providing more staff for the province-wide mental health crisis line, a single “structure” to address all school mental health policies, and a provincial policy to address students’ cellphone use on school grounds.

Posted at 9:33 am on July 25, 2017

 Nova Scotia’s Health and Wellness Minister appears to be taking his job seriously, and is now trying to live a more active life. Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey has taken to Twitter in recent days, where he chronicles his “Back to Fit” updates, showing his effort to become more active, and encouraging Nova Scotians to do the same.
Delorey says he was fit before his days as Minister, and often wanted to increase his daily exercise output. Delorey says he’s starting slow, and has created ‘small goals’ that he wants to chase:
Delorey says he got the idea to increase his fitness levels after chatting with former Health Minister, Leo Glavine. Delorey in his updates gives advice for those who are also looking to become more active, such as start slow and set realistic goals.