Antigonish NDP Candidate Moraig MacGillivray

Posted at 9:50 am on June 2, 2017

A local candidate in the provincial election is pleased with her effort during the campaign, and is already planning for next time. Moraig Macgillivray ran for the NDP in Antigonish and says hearing from the residents of the area was inspiring.
While Macgillivray is happy with her first venture into politics, she thinks there is still work to be done, and she wants to spearhead that work:
Macgillivrary says she plans to campaign again in 2021 and enjoyed running against the other local candidates. Macgillivray goes back to work now where she will write ESL materials.

Posted at 1:25 pm on May 25, 2017

Antigonish NDP Candidate Moraig Macgillivary says the topics at last night’s meeting held  by the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and the Poverty Reduction Coalition were ones that she is very passionate about.  Topics ranged from poverty and  sexual assault to income related foods insecurities.
When asked about how to change the conversation around sexual assault and consent, she says it needs to start at a younger age, within the school system.

Macgillivary says she hopes to work in partnership with the school board to expand the current curriculm to include topics such as consent, cyber bullying, and  assault.

Posted at 3:03 pm on May 17, 2017

The candidates on the ballot for the riding of Antigonish addressed a number of topics this morning in a forum before a business audience.  The candidates were asked questions about roads, taxes, access to cellular phone services, cuts to nursing homes and attracting young people to the riding.  The event was organized by the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce.
Liberal incumbent Randy Delorey says government did have to make some tough choices, but it continued to invest in Nova Scotia.  Delorey says a new Liberal government will continue to support projects to bolster the economy.
PC Candidate Ray says his party supports a more favourable business climate to attract investment to the riding , reducing red table, tax relief for job creation, and re-instatement of the Film Tax Credit.
NDP Candidate Moraig Macgillivray says her party is committed to investment to grow the economy.
Atlantica candidate Ryan Smyth says his party’s platform centres on democracy and the economy including electoral reform, MLA recall, more transparency in the Legislature and cuts to MLA pensions and salaries. Smyth says his party also favours tax cuts.

The four candidates have another forum this week, Friday night at 6:30 at the Antigonish Education Centre.  Sponsored by Nova Scotians for Thriving Communities, candidates will be focusing on questions related to education, libraries and rural communities.

Posted at 9:40 am on May 12, 2017

An increase in Mental Health supports is something that a local NDP candidate wants to see moving forward. Moraig Macgillivray sees a need to increase funding and supports for those who seek mental health assistance throughout the province.
Macgillivray says the 600 thousand dollar cut by the Liberals to these services is leaving people waiting to receive the care they need:
Macgillivray says cuts to mental health is a national issue, and she believes and NDP government in Nova Scotia can spark change to help the system.


Macgillivray also says tax increase for the upper 1% is a first step for finding money for healthcare and education in our communities. She is a supporter of a 3% tax increase for anyone who makes over 250 thousand dollars a year.

Macgillivray believes this new tax increase is a great way to increase funding to other areas of the economy:


The proposed tax increase by the NDP would affect 3700 of the highest income earners in the province. Macgillivray says having party leader Gary Burrill stop by her campaign office on Monday gave the team a great boost as they move forward with campaigning.


Posted at 10:46 am on May 5, 2017

With the recent scare of school closures in the Antigonish area, one local candidate in the provincial election is looking at ways to address the outdated system. Moraig Macgillivray is the NDP candidate for the upcoming election, and attended many of the meetings held locally when school closures were being discussed.

Macgillivray believes the current formula for funding schools doesn’t work for areas such as Antigonish. A board receiving money based on enrollment means rural school boards struggle to keep their head above water, which means the students suffer:


Other campaign promises from Macgillivray include reversing cuts to nursing homes and putting more investments into the health care system.

Posted at 7:25 am on April 21, 2017

The NDP nominee for Antigonish is holding a “foot blitz” and rally Friday to campaign throughout the town with her supporters. Moraig MacGillivray is encouraging people to attend the event that will feature a speech from Moraig herself, some door-to-door campaigning and a Pizza after party.
MacGillivray says people are not pleased with the current status quo. Nor are they happy to see the recent Liberal spending. MacGillivray wants to see change:
Moraig says all signs point to a spring time election, and she is looking forward to meeting and talking to the people of the area