Posted at 7:12 am on March 16, 2018

The Town of Amherst has hired a senior administrator with the Town of of Antigonish as its new Chief Financial Officer. At a special meeting Wednesday

Shelley Rector

night, Amherst Town Council approved the hiring of Shelley Rector to the post. Rector is currently the Director of Corporate Services with the Town of Antigonish. Rector’s current responsibilities also includes overseeing the financial management of the Alternative Resource Energy Authority, operator of the Ellershouse Wind Farm which Antigonish partially owns with two other municipalities.

Rector begins her new role in Amherst on April 23rd.

The Chief Financial Officer is a new position with Amherst, created during a reorganization of staff and expands the current role of director of finance. The current director of finance, Vince Arbing, is retiring at the end of April.

Posted at 9:37 am on February 27, 2018


At last night’s council meeting, the Town of Antigonish approved a motion to support a province wide ban on the use of single use plastic bags.

Councillor Jack MacPherson said the motion came from the Eastern Region Solid Waste Management committee, which is made up of five municipalities. Each municipality will write to the government in support of banning film plastic bags. MacPherson said the province used to be able to sell the plastic bags but there’s no longer a market and they are banned from most landfills.

He added the motion wouldn’t have much of an impact on the town itself but will impact retailers.



In the interim, MacPherson said they are strongly encouraging resident to use reusable shopping bags.

Posted at 9:30 am on February 27, 2018

Antigonish Town Council heard from a concerned business owner during last night’s regular monthly council meeting.

Christine Briand has customer’s access to her business on Creighton Lane. Briand expressed concerns with the Town’s communication during the February

Creighton Lane Parking Lot after flooding receded in early February.

2nd flash flood, and encouraged the town to develop an emergency communications plan. Briand expressed concerns that the town wasn’t communicating efficiently with affected businesses.

CAO Jeff Lawrence said when the town checked the parking lot at 5:30 that evening there was no flooding, and by 6:15 cars were submerged. He added that due to the speed of the rising water, there were concerns that someone was in one of the vehicles, so the town’s first priority was ensuring everyone’s safety.



Lawrence said there were debriefings with all those involved including EMO and the RCMP on how to improve response in a future event. He added there’s always room for improvement and in emergency situations, things never go as smoothly as planned.

Posted at 8:52 am on February 27, 2018

The town of Antigonish has been lucky in regards to this year’s winter snow removal budget.

CAO Jeff Lawrence said while there hasn’t been much savings in the salt budget, snow removal this year has been light.


Lawrence added the savings will be offset by the costs for equipment, overtime and manpower to deal with the February 2nd flash flood on Creighton Lane.

Posted at 8:09 am on February 15, 2018

Further dialogue was held yesterday afternoon to discuss the possibility of a Business Improvement District in Antigonish. The event, which was hosted by the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce featured more insight into the proposed link between the town and business community.
Special Projects Coordinator with the Town, Steve Scannell says that feedback for the proposal has been both positive and negative. Many believe it will be a great support for the business community, yet others worry about how to fund the position:
One proposed way to fund the position is through a BID levy, which Scannell says is feasable with the Town’s low commercial tax rate. People in attendance asked about the involvement of St.FX and the County in the BID, to which Scannell says are “on-going discussions”.

Posted at 9:55 am on February 12, 2018

A former educator and current education commentator thinks that a report recommending the dissolving of the province’s school boards needs to be seriously rethought. Grant Frost will be in the Antigonish area next week to discuss the effects that Dr. Avis Glaze’s report will have on the students of the Strait Regional School Board.
When asked to grade the Glaze report, Frost says it has so many errors that it should not be taken seriously. He also thinks that many of the recommendations made to help student success will hurt the education system as a whole:
Frost will take part in a public meeting on February 20th to discuss the upcoming changes to the education system. The Antigonish MLA, along with the Education Minister both declined invites to the event.

Posted at 8:49 am on February 7, 2018

The flooding that occurred over the weekend in Antigonish is being considered a “winter-time anomaly”. Town Mayor Laurie Boucher says the swing in temperature

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher

combined with heavy rainfall and ice made Friday night and Monday morning a nightmare for town officials who were trying to keep with with the elements.

Boucher says that the Friday flooding on Creighton Lane happened very quickly, and there was little that could be done to prevent this uncommon weather occurance. Boucher says public works is already looking ahead to the next weather system approaching Wednesday night:
Almost all of the water has receded but the forecast is calling for snow, freezing rain and rain.

Posted at 9:49 am on February 2, 2018

A new flag is flying over Antigonish town hall for the first time in it’s history. Yesterday, there was a flag raising ceremony to recognize the start of African Heritage

Heritage Flag being raised at Antigonish Town Hall

Month which runs through February.

Town Mayor Laurie Boucher says the act of having the flag flown over the town may seem small, but it is symbolic to the diversity in Antigonish. Boucher says yesterday was a historic day for the town:

Lorraine Reddick is the co-chair for African heritage month zone 7, and says it was a symbolic day for her and Antigonish. Reddick says seeing the flag in the sky makes her feel more connected with the place she’s called home.

During December’s council meeting, members of the Zone 7 African Heritage Committee requested to fly the African Heritage Flag in February. The town amended the bylaw in January to now allow any flag to be flown at town hall with approval of council.

Posted at 10:45 am on January 29, 2018

An Antigonish Town councilor says that the RCMP will be keeping an eye open during February for distracted drivers. Councillor Jack MacPherson  is Chair for the Police Advisory Board, and says that during the month of February, the RCMP are going to be paying close attention to drivers using their cellphones behind the wheel, or other distracting items:
MacPherson says that drivers engaged with cell phones are up to eight times as likely to be involved in a crash.

Posted at 9:33 am on January 24, 2018

The proposal to create a non-profit, business improvement district in Antigonish is moving along, with an open house being held throughout the week. The purpose of a business improvement district is to find new ways to help market and promote business with the Town of Antigonish.
Special Projects Coordinator with the town, Steve Scannell says stopping by 284 Main Street this week is very important so interested business owners can register for the upcoming vote, and get more information regarding this proposal:
The Town of Antigonish is holding a week-long Informational Open House at the Eastern Strait Regional Entprise Network Offices from 9am – 5pm this week. Scannell says it is important to get the business community on board in order to move forward and to achieve common goals