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Tax rates are up in the Town of Antigonish

The Municipality of the Town of Antigonish set its tax rates and operating budget last night.

Both the residential and commercial  tax rates went up by three cents, bringing them to $1.09 per $100  of assessment and $2.61 per $100 of assessment respectively. The operating budget is $10,445,936.26.

Mayor Laurie Boucher said, through a number of community engagements, council came to the conclusion there are some things they are doing well but also a few things they would like to do better.

Boucher said residents and the business community informed council one of the things they weren’t doing very well was marketing and promoting the area. One of the things the increase in rates will help pay for is a new marketing and communications position for the town. She said the new position will provide a communications strategy for the town, something Boucher said has been missing.


Boucher said both the commercial and residential tax rates remain substantially lower than other municipalities of the same size.