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Pictou County couple pick up their $1.75 million cheque

Pictou county’s newest millionaire received their hefty cheque this morning and plan to travel with their winnings. Gerry and Margie Stewart found out they won

Gerry and Margie Stewart at a ceremony in New Glasgow to mark their lottery win

the prize while listening to the radio, and checked their ticket at a local store.

Margie says that the win will allow them to do some house renovations and travel to see their grandchildren:
The 1.75 million dollars winning ticket had a combination of their grandchildren’s birthdates.
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Pictou County resident Ericka Raugh wins Big in “Set for Life”

Pictou County has a new lottery winner! Ericka Rauh is the winner of 675 thousand dollars after winning the top “Set for Life” prize.

Set for Life Winner Ericka Raugh

Rauh had forgotten that she purchased the four dollar ticket and for nearly a month. She found and scratched the ticket before heading into work. Erica works at Nova Truck Centre in Westville and isn`t planning on retiring just yet.
When asked what she plans to spend her money on, Rauh says she’d like to buy a new car, as her current one was ‘limping along’.