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Baddeck RCMP Investigate Tractor-Trailer Crash

The Baddeck RCMP is investigating a single vehicle crash involving a tractor trailer. The collision occurred on Highway 105 near exit 9 in Baddeck. Police say shortly after 7 Sunday evening, a motorist called 911 reporting a tractor-trailer was operating outside its lane and driving erratically. Officers found the truck overturned in the ditch.

It was determined the tractor-trailer was travelling east in the westbound lane before leaving the highway. RCMP say the 41-year-old male driver and the lone occupant of the tractor-trailer was transported to hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

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Baddeck RCMP charge a New Brunswick Motorist with Stunting

Baddeck RCMP have charged a motorist for speeding more than 70 kilometres an hour over the posted speed limit. Police say yesterday afternoon, officers stopped a car in Highway 105 in Baddeck Bay that was clocked at 171 kilometres an hour in a 100 kilometre zone. Officer also noticed the car passing numerous vehicles.

A 34-year-old man from Moncton was charged with Stunting. The fine for stunting is $2,422.50.  His driver’s license was suspended and the car was also seized.

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Police charge a Motorist with Stunting

A Baddeck RCMP officer stopped a vehicle for driving at 180 kilometres an hour in a 90 zone late Tuesday afternoon near Nyanza, Victoria County.

Police charged a 41-year-old Badeck man with Stunting under the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act. The fine for stunting in Nova Scotia is $2422.50. The driver’s licence was suspended and the vehicle was seized as well.

Nova Scotia RCMP want to remind the public that speed is one of the major causes of serious injury and fatal collisions. If you see someone driving unsafely, officers ask that you report it by calling the police or 911.

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Police make arrests after Pepper Spray Incident in Antigonish

Antigonish RCMP say three males have been arrested on assault charges after two people were pepper sprayed last weeekend. Police say the incidenthappened on Notre Dame Avenue on Saturday. Police say there was a verbal argument, escalating into a physical assault, and two males were sprayed with pepper spray. Both victims were taken to hospital, treated and released.

With assistance from the Cheticamp and Baddeck RCMP, three people were arrest, one man and two male youths.

An 18-year-old man from St. Joseph-du-Moine, Inverness County and a 17-year-old male youth from Baddeck are both charged with one count of assualt. A 16-year-old male youth from Nyanza, Victoria County is facing two counts of assault wiht a weapon.

All three have been released from custody and placed on strict conditions. They are scheduled to return to Antigonish Provincial Court and Antigonish Youth Court on June 27th