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Bethany Motherhouse in Antigonish holds Final Public Mass

Preparations are underway for the Sisters of St. Martha to move to their new home, from the Bethany Motherhouse to the Shannex complex next door.  The Sisters held their

Bethany Motherhouse (www.themarthas.com)

final public mass in the chapel earlier this month; it’s estimated some 300 attended.

Congregation Leader Sister Brendalee Boisvert says there was one final gathering of the Sisters in the chapel before it was closed.  The service was conducted by Bishop Brian Dunn.
Until they move, the Sisters will celebrate Mass at the Assembly Hall in the Motherhouse.  When the Sisters do move to their new home in March, they will bring symbols of their old chapel with them; eight stain glass windows depicting eight female Saints
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Bethany Motherhouse to Hold Open House as Sisters of St. Martha prepare to Move

It’s an opportunity for area residents to spend some time, share some stories and say farewell.  The Bethany Motherhouse is holding a “Come and Go Tea” Open

Bethany Motherhouse (www.themarthas.com)

House on Saturday from one until 4 p.m.  The event has been organized as the Sisters of St. Martha make plans to move from the Motherhouse in the new year.

Congregation Leader Sister Brendalee Boisvert says after almost a century in one location, it’s an opportunity to reminisce.
Boisvert says the last public mass at the Motherhouse Chapel will be January 7th.  In February, the Sisters will move to their new home being built by Shannex next door.