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Big Spruce Brewing records an increase in Customer Visits This Summer

High traffic on Cape Breton this summer meant that businesses enjoyed a big surge of customers at their shops around the island. One in particular that experienced a busy summer was Big Spruce Brewing in Nyanza.
Jeremy White says that this summer was the busiest that the brewery has experienced since opening. White says that the combination of nice weather, music on their patio and great beer made Big Spruce a stop on everyone’s summer bucket list:
White says that he expects to remain busy until Christmas, which is when numbers increase again for all of December. Big Spruce is also releasing a beer this week that features 100 percent Nova Scotia ingredients, which is the first of it’s kind.
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Big Spruce Brewery working at capacity to fill demand for product

A craft brewer from Cape Breton is having a problem every business dreams of; high demand. That means Big Spruce from Nyanza, Victoria County is always bustling with activities in their new building trying to keep the supply up.
Jeremy White is the owner of the brewery that recently released cans to the NSLC and private liquor stores around the province. White says he and his workers are working non stop to keep up with production and canning:
White says¬†a big bump in sales is expected in the industry through the summer, but the popularity of craft beer seems to pick up yearly in the province. He says their popular “Silver Tart” Sour Raspberry Wheat Ale is flying off the shelves at the brewery and in stores.
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Craft Brewers pleased with changes in Selling Product at NSLC

Craft brewers may be finally getting the break they’ve been looking for at NSLC stores. In the past, it has been difficult for brewers to make money when sending their product to liquor stores across the province because of a Retail Sales Mark-up Allocation.

In December, however,  Premier Stephen McNeil announced changes to the NSLC s Retail Sales Mark-up Allocation (RSMA). The price was dropped for craft brewers from 50 cents per litre to five per cent of wholesale  the structure currently used to charge craft distillers and wineries.

In an open letter composed last October, Big Spruce’s Jeremy White outlined other flaws in the system. He says he is hopeful with some of the changes afoot:


MacNeil also announced that another large package is expected in the Spring of this year, to which White says: “he is all ears” and he is very interested to see what is in this new proposed package.

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Cape Breton Craft Brewer sees Growth Potential by Selling Beer in Cans

Craft brewing has expanded province wide in recent years. To date, the province has more than 30 brewers, with many eyeing expansion with growing success of the brand. One such brewer is Jeremy White of Big Spruce Brewing company, located in Nyanza, Cape Breton.

White opened his business in 2013 and has been working on expanding over the past year. The newest addition to his company is the ability to can beers. White says he is excited to sell cans, as it makes his business more customer friendly:



White says that 5 cans will be available to purchase altogether with a tentative release date of early May. White is hopeful that an open letter he wrote last October will result in better relations with craft brewers and the liquor corporation. More on that in the coming days.