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Students at St. FX, Acadia, Mount Allison and Bishop’s Universities to Study the Concept of Time

Students at four universities will have the chance to study time from different points of view this fall.

The Maple League Universities, which includes StFX, announced a new course involving professors from different courses and different universities looking at the concept of time.

Dr. Michael Cardinal-Aucoin, a biology professor at StFX, said the program will be offered at all four Maple League universities, including Acadia, Bishop’s, and Mount Allison and be taught by professors in music, physics, and religion departments from those schools. Cardinal-Aucoin said the professors, including himself, will approach time from the perspectives of their respective disciplines.

A release from StFX stated students in the course will attend classes via videoconference and in person throughout the Fall semester, with classes divided into disciplinary blocks. Each block will feature one professor looking at what time means in their field of expertise.

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Bishop’s formally joins Atlantic Football Conference

St. FX has a new team to worry about once the Football season begins for the 2017-18 season. At a press conference held Monday, it was formally announced that the Bishop’s Gaiters were added to the AUS, expanding the league to 5 teams.

This announcement marked the first time in 27 years that the AUS has been able to expand the league. As a result, each of the conference s five teams will play eight regular season games over the course of a 10-week schedule.

St. FX coach Gary Waterman is excited to see the expanded league and thinks there will be great excitement whenever the Quebec team comes to town:


The regular season will kick off two weeks earlier than it did last season, with opening night set for Friday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m. The two-time reigning champion StFX X-Men will visit the Saint Mary’s Huskies in Halifax, N.S. Bishop s will host their homecoming game on September 23rd day versus the StFX X-Men.