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Provincial Environment Minister requests Focus Report from Maritime Launch Services for its Proposed Spaceport

Provincial Environment Minister Margaret Miller says she needs more information before she

A Cyclone 4M Rocket from Ukraine that will be used by Maritime Launch Services to send satellites into space from the Canso/Hazel Hill area.

can sign off on a proposed Spaceport near Canso.

Maritime Launch Services registered its project for Environmental Assessment in July. Miller says in order to better understand the potential for adverse or significant environment effects, a focus report is needed.

The focus report will examine potential impacts of the project on water resources, soil, air quality, noise, flora and fauna, fish and fish habitat, protected areas and parks, management of dangerous goods, waste management, human health and contingency planning.

Miller says during the Environment Assessment review, concerns were raised through public and Mi’kmaq submissions, as well as from officials in the provincial Environment, Lands and Forestry and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Departments. Concerns were also raised by federal representatives with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Health Canada, Fisheries and Oceans and the Department of National Defence.

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Seamen’s Memorial Service set for this Weekend in Canso

The 42nd Seamen’s Memorial Service is set to happen on Sunday in Canso.

Ray White, a member of the Canso Lion’s Club, said the community has a long history associated with the sea. He said the event is meant as a memorial for the fishermen who lost their lives at sea and remembers those who made a life-long contribution to the community. He said it also highlights the importance of the fishery to the province.

White said people from other communities are also welcome to lay wreaths at the event, which is sponsored by the Canso Lion’s Club.



People wanting to take part can by call Lion Catherine DeRabbie at 902-366-2721 or White at 902-870-2377.

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Memorial Service to Commemorate 12th anniversary of a Helicopter Crash in Canso

CFB Greenwood’s 413 Squadron will mark the 12th anniversary of a crash of one its its

CH149 Cormorant Helicopter

Cormorant Helicopters during a training exercise in Canso.

On July 13th, 2006, the Cormorant’s seven member crew were practicing in night boat hoisting from a fishing vessel, Four Sisters, a Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel. At around 12:30 a.m. during an attempted go-around from an approach to the fishing vessel, the helicopter hit the water. Three pilots and the Search and Rescue Technician team lead were injured, but survived. Two flight Engineeers and a Search and Rescue technician were not able to get out of the aircraft and died.

Today, a Hercules aircraft and a Cormorant Helicopter will be conducting standard training in the area. The Cormorant will later land, with the air crew the squadron commanding officer and the chief warrant officer will participate in a memorial service. The service will begin at the Canso Harbour Cormorant memorial at 12 noon today, which includes a moment of silence.

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Maritime Launch Services Submits Proposal for a Spaceport to Nova Scotia Environment Department

Maritime Launch Services will hear back sometime this summer in regards to its environmental

A Cyclone 4M Rocket from Ukraine that will be used by Maritime Launch Services to send satellites into space from the Canso/Hazel Hill area.


MLS registered its Canso spaceport facility for environmental assessment on July 4. Nova Scotia Environment Minister Margaret Miller will render her decision on or before August 23. The  Environment Department will accept public comments on the registration until August 3.

Construction on the project is expected to last 18 months, followed by six months of commissioning. In May, MLS CEO Steve Matier   said they would like to see construction begin next spring with the ultimate goal of a 2021 launch.  MLS selected a site near the Canso-Hazel Hill as the site for its rocket launch facility in 2017.

The Department of Environment Web site describes the project as a private commercial launch site, located approximately 2-3 kilometers south of Canso. The Web site also states the main project includes a launch control center, as well as a horizontal integration facility and a vertical launch area connected by a 2.4 kilometers transportation route, including a road and a railway.

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Police lay charges following Canso Home Break-In

Guysborough District RCMP say a 26-year-old Little Dover man is facing multiple charges following an incident at a Canso home on Sunday afternoon. Police say they received a call of a man breaking into a home, and assaulting both occupants of the dwelling before leaving. The victims, a 55-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman weren’t hurt. Police say this is an isolated incident and all three knew each other.

A 26-year-old man later turned himself into the Bible Hill RCMP and was arrested. He’s charged with Break and Enter, Assault with a Weapon, Assault, Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose, and Uttering Threats.

He was later released from custody and will appear in Port Hawkesbury Provincial Court on the charges on July 10th

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RCMP investigate Break-in at Stan Rogers Folk Festival Grounds

The Guysborough District RCMP are investigating a break and enter that occurred on the grounds of a popular summer time music festival. RCMP say that sometime during the overnight hours of December tenth, multiple buildings at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival grounds were broken into and several doors were damaged in the process.

The RCMP say damage done to nonprofit groups hurt the local area and economy, and also negatively impact the work done by promoters and organizers. Police are looking to speak with anyone who may have information about these incidents.

If you have information, call the RCMP at 902-366-2440, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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Preparations Underway for annual Seamen’s Memorial Service in Canso

 The Memorial Chair of the Canso Lions Club says people of fishing communities don’t need to be reminded that the ocean will provide but it is moody and can turn on a dime. The Canso Lions Club will be hosting the 41st annual Seamen’s Memorial Service in memory of those lost at sea.
Lion, Ray White, says the service is always moving, as people reflect on those who were lost at sea. The event always highlights the power of the sea:
The service will be held August the 20th at Whitman’s Wharf, which will feature a laying of wreaths.
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Residents looking forward to Canso development

During this election period, the incumbent for Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie has heard from residents about varying topics. Roads, health care and education are the front running topics around the province. In Canso, however, conversations on space ports are brought to the forefront.
That’s what Liberal candidate Lloyd Hines says he hears often when travelling through the communities in his constituency. Hines says residents are excited to see the development in Canso:
This location would host a commercial launch complex for the Cyclone 4M orbital launch vehicle from Ukraine. The 100 million dollar complex expects to have launches by the summer of 2020.
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Launch Facility to set for a 2020 opening near Canso/Hazel Hill area

Space flight is coming to the District of Guysborough.  Maritime Launch Services has announced that following a review of 14 potential locations, it has chosen a site near

A Cyclone 4M Rocket from Ukraine that will be used by Maritime Launch Services to send satellites into space from the Canso/Hazel Hill area.

Canso and Hazel Hill for a launch  complex to propel satellites into space.

Company spokesman Steve Matier  says 30 to 50 people will be working at the facility full-time.
First launch is expected in 2020; a target of eight launches a year is planned by 2022.
Matier says a number of factors led to the choosing of the Guysborough County site, including close proximity to water for launching, low population area and local public support for the project.
Construction is expected to start next year.
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Canso Area viewed as a potential Rocket Launching site to carry Satellites

The Canso area might be getting an astronomical opportunity, thanks to a new company looking at
developing a launch site in the area. A public meeting was held last night to discuss the possibility of creating a launch base to send satellite-carrying rockets into space.

Maritime Launch is a company that formed in October and is looking to bring the launch services to the Canso area. The area is on a shortlist of places that could house the pad, which could spin into millions of dollars of economic benefit.

Steve Matier, President of Maritime Launch says Canso has great potential for getting a launch site because of the willingness of the public to let the project happen and location:


Matier says he will be heading to Ottawa soon to have more meetings to discuss funding that can come to assist in the development of a launch site. Matier said if Canso-Lawrence Hill gets the base, it could see launches as early as 2020. Based on public feedback and location, he says  Canso is a serious frontrunner for developing the launch site.