Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex

Posted at 9:43 am on December 19, 2017

Financial support from the Town of Antigonish will not be going toward the Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex because of busy year with infrastructure plans. During last evenings town council meeting, councillors debated that funding should go toward the complex, as many people within the area could benefit from it. Other councillors, however, say that there are a lot of upgrades that need to be done in town to prepare for the 2018 National Special Olympics.

Town Mayor Laurie Boucher says that finishing some projects locally is the priority:

A motion was made to send $5,000 in support to Guysborough, which was defeated by a 4 – 2 vote. In June, the County of Antigonish announced that they were putting forward $50,000 to the complex in Guysborough


Posted at 10:34 am on June 21, 2017

Neighbours helping neighbours. That’s the response Warden Owen McCarron of the Municipality of the County of Antigonish gave when describing a contribution made towards their municipal neighbour; Guysborough. It was announced last evening during a  monthly council meeting that $50,000 is being put towards the new Lifestyle Complex being built in Guysborough County.
McCarron says that helping out Guysborough works, because the two counties work together very closely:
The money is going towards the controversial Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex, which has a hefty pricetag that worries residents. McCarron says he feels the contribution is a reasonable gesture to assist in the opening of the complex.

Posted at 12:48 pm on February 16, 2017

A delegation from the Guysborough County Concerned Citizens group attended the regular committee of the whole meeting for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough on Wednesday afternoon.  The group presented a petition, signed by 578 people, asking for a temporary halt to the $11 million Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex proposed for the Shiretown of Guysborough. Group spokesperson Mary LeBlanc outlined the request of petitioners which included further community consultation with meetings in all districts of the municipality and a plebiscite on the question. The group also called for the immediate release of the projected budget for the Lifestyle Complex and a sustainability plan.

Following the Concerned Citizens delegation, MODG CAO Barry Carroll gave a presentation of the path of the Lifestyle Complex process starting in 2006.

Councillor for District 8 Fin Armsworthy went on the record during the council meeting stating that he would not support the project if it failed to get funding from both federal and provincial levels of government. The project has been pitched to provincial and federal counterparts but no decision on funding has been reached to date.

After council adjourned, MODG Warden Vernon Pitts said that council will go through the petition. He said the Concerned Citizens group had some pointed questions that will be answered.

Posted at 10:52 am on February 9, 2017

 Private donors have stepped up to support the proposed Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex in Guysborough. At Wednesday night’s regular council meeting for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough Councillor Blair George stated in his report about the Lifestyle Complex that approximately $200,000 had been donated towards the project in the past two weeks. Along with donations in support of the project, the municipality has received over 35 letters of support from local businesses and residents.

This show of support comes fast on the heels of a movement questioning the feasibility of the proposed $11 million project. Several petitions seeking to stop the project from moving forward have been launched across the municipality.

George said the municipality is hoping for a commitment of funds to the project from both the federal and provincial government to be forthcoming. As of yet there has been no announcement or agreement for funding outside of the municipal government in Guysborough.

A call for tenders for the complex has been made and will close on March 3.