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Cape Breton Craft Brewer sees Growth Potential by Selling Beer in Cans

Craft brewing has expanded province wide in recent years. To date, the province has more than 30 brewers, with many eyeing expansion with growing success of the brand. One such brewer is Jeremy White of Big Spruce Brewing company, located in Nyanza, Cape Breton.

White opened his business in 2013 and has been working on expanding over the past year. The newest addition to his company is the ability to can beers. White says he is excited to sell cans, as it makes his business more customer friendly:



White says that 5 cans will be available to purchase altogether with a tentative release date of early May. White is hopeful that an open letter he wrote last October will result in better relations with craft brewers and the liquor corporation. More on that in the coming days.