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Antigonish County Warden welcomes Expansion of Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet

Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron said he is pleased with the news of Ecole Acadienne

Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet (from pomquet.ednet.ns.ca)

de Pomquet receiving a major expansion.   McCarron says the upgrade will address the growing population at the school.

Work on the expansion is tentatively set to begin next year.  The Provincial Education Department stated the plan is to add six classrooms and two lab spaces to the school in order to support school programming and to help address enrollment pressures.

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Parents Welcome Approved Expansion of Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet

A lobbying effort aimed at convincing provincial officials to expand an Antigonish County school has paid off.  In its $300-million multi year School

Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet (from pomquet.ednet.ns.ca)

Capital Plan, the Education Department announced Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet would undergo major renovations, tentatively set to begin next year.   Pressing the case for an upgrade was led by the parents.  The president of the Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet’s Home and School Association Jennifer Nunn says they’re ecstatic.


The school is about 100 students over its capacity.  Provincial Education Department officials say the plan is to add six new classrooms and two lab spaces to the school to help address enrollment pressures and support school programming.

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Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet to undergo Major Renovations

There’s good news for Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet. The province has announced its School Capital Plan, and the Antigonish County school is on the list for major renovations. Work is scheduled to begin next year.

Local parents began lobbying provincial officials last fall for the expansion. More than 300 students are attending the school; it was initially built for 250.

Three portable classrooms have been added to the school, and every available classroom has been pressed into service, including resource rooms and computer labs.

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Pomquet students take to the Bike Trails at The Keppoch

Schools are beginning to look to the Keppoch Mountain Recreation Area as a destination point for outdoor activity.   On Thursday, 42 students of Ecole Acadienne de

Students at Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet on the Pump Track at the Keppoch

Pomquet came to the mountain for biking.  It’s believed to be the first time a school group has come to the mountain to bike.  Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet is known for the outdoor experience it provides students.  One of the school’s physical education instructors is Chris Demers.   Demers says he felt his students were ready for the trails Keppoch Mountain offers.


Ten of the students, 14 year-olds attending Grade 9 went to the summit of the mountain.  The other 32 are 8 and 9 years old chose a variety  of other challenges including the pump track and some of the trails.

Demers says he’s pleased with the experience.


The school has 24 bicycles, it borrowed the remainder for the trip from the Antigonish County Recreation Department.  Some of the students on Thursday’s trip learned to bike this fall for the first time.

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Parents push for expansion at Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet

A lobbying effort has begun aimed at convincing provincial officials to expand Antigonish County’s Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet.  Parents say the school their children attend is stretched to the limit.  There’s more than 300 students enrolled in a building initially built for 250.
The vice-president of the Home and School Association, Tanya DeWolfe says it’s hoping to have an upgrade included in next year’s provincial budget.  DeWolfe says the next step is to convince decision makers of the need.
DeWolfe says every available space has been pressed into service for classrooms including resource rooms and computer labs.  Three portable classrooms have also been added.
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Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet parents lobby for Expansion

Pomquet is looking to expand their school as concerns mount regarding size and enrollment at the school. L’ecole acadienne de Pomquet held a meeting over the weekend with representatives from the French language school board, CSAP, calling for the board to put Pomquet at the top of the list for Provincial funding.

The school in Pomquet experiences a unique problem in the province; enrolment is increasing yearly, but space is limited. Already, the school of 300 students has 3 portable classrooms, two grade primary, one, and two classes, and for the first time ever, a grade 3-4 split class. Crammed classrooms mean that some students are missing out on learning opportunities; specialty classrooms like home economics are converted into classrooms to provide extra space.

The home and school committee is calling on guardians to call on their local political leaders to support the expansion.

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Ecole acadienne de Pomquet expands its Outdoor Experience to Students, thanks to the creativity of Grade 9 Students

It is another extension of the outdoor experience for students at Ecole acadienne de Pomquet.  A group of Grade 9 students  have designed and built a swing with three

Swing designed and built by students at Ecole acadienne de Pomquet


One of the school’s Physical Education Teachers, Chris Demers  says the project came together very quickly;  the students wanted to create a space to eat their lunch.

Part of the project received support from a WORKIT  grant,  with local contractors demonstrating to the students how the concrete for the swing’s foundation is

Ecole acadienne de Pomquet students that built and designed the swing: (from left) Ben Arsenault, Hayley Chisholm, Maddison MacDonald, Evan Doiron, Katie Delorey and Maggie Rynold

made.  Collaborating with schools boards, WORKIT  introduces students to potential skilled trades they could pursue after high school.

Demers says the bench  is large enough to serve as a second outdoor classroom at the school.
The school also has one kilometre of trail on the property, and they have their own garden, which serve as other teaching opportunities.
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Antigonish MLA hears concerns of full classrooms at Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet

A meeting was held in Pomquet on Friday to discuss the current state of affairs within the community with the MLA for the area. Issues brought up at the meeting included the state of roads, an update on highway twinning and the high enrollment of the school in Pomquet.

École acadienne de Pomquet has a problem where many classes are full, and there isn’t enough room to house everyone within the physical building. MLA for Antigonish, Randy Delorey heard the concerns from members of the community and will address the issue:


Delorey also says that the Pomquet school has an interesting problem, where most other schools are struggling to fill their classes. He says that while the portable classes aren’t ideal, a high number of students attending the school is a good problem to have.