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At St. FX Fall Conovation 20 LPN’s receive their Nursing Degree

It’s a first for St. FX University’s Rankin School of Nursing.

AO LPN advanced major students Jennifer Hynick, Keith Torrey, Shauna Burns and Vivian Ramsay pictured at their project presentation (St. FX photo)

At the university’s fall convocation over the weekend, 20 students who are also Licensed Practical Nurses received their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree under an Acceleration Option program.  Four of the students also completed an advance major project.
The acting director of the school of nursing, Cathy MacDonald, says it’s an historic moment.
Under an acceleration option, students complete the traditional four year program in two years.
LPN’s who qualified for the program graduated from NSCC after 2008, and have at least 18-hundred hours of work experience.   They also completed a bridging program in collaboration with Cape Breton University.
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St. FX Nursing Students Participate in a Simulation of Living on the Brink of Poverty

Fourth year St. FX Nursing students had a glimpse of what it is like to live on the brink of

Nursing students at “The Bank” as part of the “Living on the Edge” simulation

poverty.  The students, as part of their Community Nursing course, participated in a simulation Thursday called “Living on the Edge”.   One of the co-ordinators of the simulation is Daniel Blacquiere, Donor Engagement Officer with the Halifax United Way.

Blacquiere says the simulation showcases that many Nova Scotians are just one paycheck or one circumstance away from being put over the edge into poverty.
Blacquiere says the purpose of the simulation is to build empathy of what the reality is for many Nova Scotians.
Rankin School of Nursing Professor Debbie Sheppard-LeMoine says the simulation gives students an appreciation of poverty and how it affects health.
Close to 120 students took part in the simulation