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Town of Antigonish Changes Flag Policy

The Town of Antigonish has amended on old by-law regarding flags that can be flown in the town. During last evenings town council meeting, the by-law was

Antigonish Town Hall

amended stating that flags other than the Canadian, Nova Scotian and Antigonish town flags can be flown.

The move comes the same evening where Town Mayor Laurie Boucher proclaimed February to be recognized as African Heritage month. Boucher says the amendment to the by-law and proclamation came at a good time:


During December’s council meeting, members of the Zone 7 African Heritage Committee requested to fly their flag in the town, with council promising to update the rules around flags.

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Town of Antigonish looks to amend Flag Policy

The Town of Antigonish is aiming to amend a policy dating back to 2008 stating which flags can be flown outside town hall. The matter was brought before council Monday evening by members of African Heritage Month Zone 7 who say the policy should be changed to allow other flags to be flown throughout the year.
Town Mayor Laurie Boucher says that the bylaw now states that no other flag other than the Canadian, provincial or municipal flag can be flown outside of town hall. Boucher says that she’d like to see this amendment take place as soon as possible:
The motion was put forward by councillor Willie Cormier, who says that the 2008 policy restricts the town from properly acknowledging important celebrations through town, with council agreeing to look into amending the bylaw in January.