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Anaconda Mining looking towards a 2020 opening of a gold Mine in Goldboro

Drilling has commenced in Goldboro, with the Municipality and contractor hoping to strike gold. The Municipality of the District of Guysborough says that

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Anaconda Mining has initiated a 6000 metre drill in the area, spending a total of 1.2 million dollars in Goldboro.

Warden Vernon Pitts says that hearing news of drilling in the area is very exciting for residents, the municipality and Anaconda Mining:
Pitts says that people of the area are also on board with the idea of a gold mine opening in Goldboro.
President and CEO, Dustin Angelo says that he is confident that they’ll be able to expand the production, as they have found traces of gold further down the plunge. Angelo┬ásays that the future for Goldboro looks very good.
Angelo says disruption to the area during the drilling will be very minimal.