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Recount declares Lloyd Hines Elected in Guysborugh-Eastern Shore-Tracadie

207A judicial recount Friday has confirmed Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines as elected in the provincial riding of Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie. The recount was held in Halifax under the supervision of Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. The recount showed Hines received 2,565 votes; 71 more than PC challenger Rob Wolf.

Another recount confirmed the Liberal Bill Horne as elected in Waverly-Fall River-Beaverbank by a 65 vote margin over the PC’s Bill McNaughton.

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Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie recount taking place in Halifax

Dates have been scheduled for the three judicial recounts arising from the May 30 election. Locally, Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines won the Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie seat over Rob Wolf of the PC’s by 71 votes.

The Judicial recount of ballots for Guysborough- Eastern Shore-Tracadie under the supervision of Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith begins this morning at 9:30 at the Halifax courthouse. There is no indiciation on how long the recount will take.

One other judicial recount will happen today, for Waverly-Fall River-Beaverbank.
A third recount will take place on Monday for Chester-St. Margaret’s
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PC’s to seek recount in Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie, Samson will not ask for recount in Cape Breton-Richmond

There will be one recount in a local riding from last week’s provincial election.  The Progressive Conservatives have asked for a recount in Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie.  In that riding, Liberal incumbent Lloyd Hines won by 71 votes over PC challenger Rob Wolf.  No date has been set for the recount. It’s one of three recounts in the province; the others were requested by the PC’s in Waverly-Fall River-Beaverbank, and the NDP in Chester-St. Margarets.

Liberal candidate for Cape Breton-Richmond Michel Samson has announced that he will not request recount following the May 30th election. Samson met with his campaign team on Sunday evening and decided not to request a recount after losing the seat by 21 votes to PC candidate Alana Paon.

Samson served as MLA for 19 years in the riding of Cape Breton Richmond. Samson says that: “I am grateful for the many colleagues from both the NDP and PC caucuses I have worked with during my time as MLA.  I always respected and admired their efforts on behalf of their constituents with the goal of making our province stronger.”

Samson says he will now spend time with family and friends and see what new opportunities lie ahead.
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Michel Samson loses; Delorey, Hines, MacMaster, Houston, Dunn and MacFarlane re-elected

There were a couple of nail biters in local ridings in yesterday’s provincial election.

The biggest surprise was the defeat of long-time Liberal incumbent Michel Samson, losing in a tight race in Cape Breton-Richmond to Alana Paon of the PC’s. Paon received 3,336 votes, just 20 more than Samson.

Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie MLA Lloyd Hines was re-elected by a thin margin, garnering 2,565 votes, compared to PC challenger Rob Wolf at 2,494.

Other local MLA’s also re-elected were Liberal Randy Delorey in Antigonish, along with Conservatives Allan MacMaster in Inverness, Tim Houston in Pictou East, Pat Dunn in Pictou Centre and Karla MacFarlane in Pictou West.

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Residents looking forward to Canso development

During this election period, the incumbent for Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie has heard from residents about varying topics. Roads, health care and education are the front running topics around the province. In Canso, however, conversations on space ports are brought to the forefront.
That’s what Liberal candidate Lloyd Hines says he hears often when travelling through the communities in his constituency. Hines says residents are excited to see the development in Canso:
This location would host a commercial launch complex for the Cyclone 4M orbital launch vehicle from Ukraine. The 100 million dollar complex expects to have launches by the summer of 2020.
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Liberal Incumbent tackles running in a large political riding

Covering a large area during a provincial election is no small feat, but it’s a challenge the Liberal Incumbent enjoys. Lloyd Hines has held the seat for Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie since 2013, and enjoys hearing from the people within his area — an area that covers more than 5,200 square kilometres.
Hines says that hearing from residents through the area reveals unique challenges, and also results in new revelations about what’s happening down the road:
Hines says the big concern he hears is not surprising. His area has many dirt roads that need constant attention, and the new capital plan that was announced before the election will address these concerns.
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PC Leader Jamie Baillie visits Antigonish and Guysborough Counties

Provincial P-C Leader Jamie Baillie says he’s hearing a couple of common concerns from Nova Scotians lately.  Baillie is in

PC Leader Jamie Baillie

Antigonish today, touring the area with the party’s local candidate Ray Mattie.  Yesterday, he toured the Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie riding with party candidate Rob Wolf.

Baillie says a top concern he hears from Nova Scotians is jobs.  Baillie says the province holds tremendous potential to grow employment.
Ballie says there’s also concerns about Health Care, in particular improvements to Mental Health Services and recruiting more physicians.