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Federal Government supports renovations at Highland Village

The Highland Village in Iona has some upgrades planned in the future and is getting help from the federal government. It was announced last week that the popular museum is receiving a 1.2 million dollar investment over three years to assist with new infrastructure programs.
Director for the Highland Village, Rodney Chaisson says that the funding will go a long way in improving the Gaelic experience for visitors. Chaisson says the ACOA funding will help them develop the site for visitors and workers:
The 3.6 million dollar project will see a new visitor centre, cultural resource centre and some new interpretive buildings for animators. Chaisson says that the museum had a successful year, and still have Halloween programs coming up before the end of October.
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Highland Village Day Planned

The Highland Village in Iona is getting geared up to celebrate 56 years of tradition. Highland Village Day continues to be a favourite summer event showcasing traditional music, song and dance.
Rodney Chaisson is Director for the museum, and says this years concert will feature Pictou Counties own Dave Gunning, along with many other local favorites in the Iona area.
The price of admission also allows you to roam the hill and visit period buildings of the Village to learn about Cape Breton’s Scottish and Gaelic history. The concert runs from 2:00-6:00 Saturday.