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MacMaster Endorses Tim Houston’s Candidacy for the PC Party Leadership

After considering his future path in politics for the past couple of months, Inverness MLA Allan

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster

MacMaster has decided he will not seek the PC Party leadership.  MacMaster says leading a party requires a tremendous amount of time, and believes the commitment needed for the job would be too great.

MacMaster says he will throw his support behind caucus colleague and Pictou East MLA Tim Houston.
MacMaster’s endorsement brings to seven the number of Conservative MLA’s backing Houston’s candidacy for the leadership.    The party will choose it’s new leader in October.
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Agriculture Department Supports Inverness Raceway

Some good news for the Inverness Raceway.  Provincial funding for the harness racing oval has been included in this year’s budget.  Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster says he asked the question during the tabling of estimates for the provincial budget, where the minister for each department reviews planned spending for the year line-by-line.
MacMaster says it’s  a welcome development for the area.
The Agriculture Department is providing one million dollars, split three ways to the three existing race tracks in the province including Inverness.  This allotment helps the tracks stage the races.
Last year, there were 23 race days at Inverness
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MacMaster Critical of Government Bill that Would Permit CBRM to Offer Land and Tax Concessions

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster is expressing concerns with a government bill that would allow the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to sell or lease land

A copy of the bill amending the Municipal Government Act

below market value and offer tax concessions.

  The Conservative MLA says the bill that could allow the municipality give away land and provide tax deals to a company that  would operate a port in Sydney is unfair, disappointing and sends the wrong message.
Several local municipalities are voicing opposition to the bill, including the Town and County of Antigonish, and the District of Guysborough.  They say the bill creates an unlevel playing field.
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MacMaster Doubtful Health Care Measures in Budget will Help Connect More Nova Scotians to Doctors

Inverness Conservative MLA Allan MacMaster says he was hoping to see more in the budget in health care. 
MacMaster says while there are incentives for physicans to take on new patients, he worries that measure won’t work because many fee-for-service doctors are already overloaded.
MacMaster says there’s no real answers in this budget that addresses the challenges faced by students and teachers in the classrooms.  He also says that while it has revenue projections, he worries the government hasn’t tallied up policing and Mental Health services costs that will result from the legalization of recreation marijuana this summer
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Inverness MLA questions lateness in Health Authority in paying Fire Services and Water Fees for Two Hospitals

Inverness Conservative MLA Allan MacMaster says it’s an example of confusion that still exists in the Nova Scotia Health Authority, five years after it was created.  Recently in the Legislature, MacMaster pointed out Inverness County Municipality has been waiting to be paid by the province for fire services and water fees for hospitals in Cheticamp and Inverness dating back to 2012. The total amounts to $500,000.  MacMaster says the situation has made it difficult for the municipality to obtain loans for upgrades on these buildings.
After raising the issue in the house, MacMaster says Service Nova Scotia Minister Geoff MacLellan promised the taxes owed would be paid
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MacMaster looking to talk to groups not comfortable with a Required Declaration for Summer Jobs Grant Application

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster says he’d like to hear from organizations not comfortable with Prime Minister Trudeau’s requirement to swear an attestation to

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster

eligible for a Student Employment Grant.   Organizations seeking government funding for student summer jobs must declare they respect “reproductive rights” and agree it is okay to end the life an unborn child.

MacMaster says imposing such a requirement is puzzling.
MacMaster is inviting any group that doesn’t feel comfortable making the declaration to call his office at 1-888-968-7652.  MacMaster says he intends to convey the concerns he’s gathered to both the federal and provincial governments.
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Inverness MLA seeking repair of a Margaree Centre Bridge

The MLA for Inverness is hoping that a bridge will be repaired to working order rather than torn down for good. The Cranton Bridge in Margaree Centre

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster

is permanently reduced to one lane, unless the bridge has to be closed because of it’s location on a flood plain.

Allan MacMaster says there is a plan to eventually replace the bridge, but there has also been some discussion of closing the old wood pier bridge, which is located close to a fire station. MacMaster says recent work to the Crowdis Bridge is good, but he wants to see more improvements to bridges in the area:
MacMaster says the old style of the bridge means that it takes a lot of damage when water levels rise, and he’d like to see a new structure built that doesn’t use wood piers for support. MacMaster adds that the bridge doesn’t need another band-aid; it should be replaced.
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MacMaster health care and cap-and-trade will be among the major issues in 2018

 Inverness Conservative MLA Allan MacMaster expects health care will be a major topic of discussion in 2018.
MacMaster says federal funding support to the provinces for health has changed, and will impact the system here.
MacMaster says doctor shortages also promises to be on the radar in the months to come.
MacMaster says questions also remain about the province’s cap-and-trade system, in response to the federal government’s plans to impose carbon tax.  MacMaster says the province has indicated no one will be hurt by cap-and-trade.  MacMaster wonders how a system intended to reduce consumption will work with apparently no incentive to cut back.
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Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster says High Speed Internet, Traffic Issues at Canso Causeway were concerns in 2017

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster says infrastructure is one of his riding’s most important needs,  and events of the past year highlighted that.  MacMaster says there

Invernes MLA Allan MacMaster

are still a number of residents without good high speed internet, which is essential.  He says people are making decisions on where they live based on the quality of the local internet connection.

MacMaster says there were also a number of traffic delays at the Canso Causeway this summer.
MacMaster also paid tribute Waycobah residents Liam and Shane Bernard who received Nova Scotia Medals for Bravery; and the Cape Breton West Islanders for winning the national midget hockey title.
MacMaster says Inverness County also lost several great leaders in Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy, Allan J. MacEachen and Gerry Doucet.
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MacMaster Welcomes Road Improves as Part of Government’s Capital Plan

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster is pleased to see several road construction projects from his riding have been included in the province’s capital plan.
MacMaster says on the list of upgrades are roads in the Mabou and West Bay areas.
MacMaster says there’s also ongoing work on the Captain’s River Bridge near Port Hood, in advance of paving this summer between Little Judique and Port Hood.
MacMaster says three gravel road sections will also get upgraded, along the East Skye Glen Road, the Lake Ainslie Chapel Road and the Whycocomagh-Port Hood Road in Roseburn.