Margaree Centre

Posted at 7:39 am on January 22, 2018

The MLA for Inverness is hoping that a bridge will be repaired to working order rather than torn down for good. The Cranton Bridge in Margaree Centre

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster

is permanently reduced to one lane, unless the bridge has to be closed because of it’s location on a flood plain.

Allan MacMaster says there is a plan to eventually replace the bridge, but there has also been some discussion of closing the old wood pier bridge, which is located close to a fire station. MacMaster says recent work to the Crowdis Bridge is good, but he wants to see more improvements to bridges in the area:
MacMaster says the old style of the bridge means that it takes a lot of damage when water levels rise, and he’d like to see a new structure built that doesn’t use wood piers for support. MacMaster adds that the bridge doesn’t need another band-aid; it should be replaced.