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Launch Facility to set for a 2020 opening near Canso/Hazel Hill area

Space flight is coming to the District of Guysborough.  Maritime Launch Services has announced that following a review of 14 potential locations, it has chosen a site near

A Cyclone 4M Rocket from Ukraine that will be used by Maritime Launch Services to send satellites into space from the Canso/Hazel Hill area.

Canso and Hazel Hill for a launch  complex to propel satellites into space.

Company spokesman Steve Matier  says 30 to 50 people will be working at the facility full-time.
First launch is expected in 2020; a target of eight launches a year is planned by 2022.
Matier says a number of factors led to the choosing of the Guysborough County site, including close proximity to water for launching, low population area and local public support for the project.
Construction is expected to start next year.