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“The Secret Life Of Squirrels“ by Antigonish native Nancy Rose

An Antigonish native is captivating children and the young at heart by giving us a peak into a day in the life of squirrels.  Nancy Rose too became entertained when the furry little creatures raiders the bird feeders on her property.  So instead of “shooing“ them away, Rose decided to roll with it and put them in the cross hairs of her camera.  She thought they were curious and friendly and Rose wanted others to see this playful side.  Rose put together a children’s book– “The Secret Life Of Squirrels.“  But these are no ordinary photos.  The publication shows the main character,  Mr. Peanut, doing things like using a squirrel sized snow blower, playing hockey and getting ready for tea time.  Rose says keep in mind she’s using real squirrels and there are no camera tricks.  She explains how she’s able to manipulate the main character in a variety of scenes.

Rose says she’s very honoured that the book is well received, and she’s now working on a follow-up which will hopefully be ready by October.  It’s tentatively titled– “Merry Christmas Squirrels.“