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Health Care, Nova Scotians on Low Income are Concerns for Burrill as he Travels the Province

With the fall sitting of the legislature over, NDP Leader Gary Burrill is travelling the province to

Nova Scotia NDP Leader Gary Burrill

hear concerns from Nova Scotians.  Burrill’s province-wide tour brought him to Antigonish today.  Burrill says one of his concerns is the number of Nova Scotians living on low income; about one third of workers are making under 15 dollars an hour; this province has the lowest minimum wage in the country.   Burrill says we can’t have a growing dynamic economy if people don’t have money to spend.

Burrill says a key issue that’s raised each time he travels the province is health care.
Burrill says he’s concerned about the province’s plans to use a Public-Private-Parnership to redevelop the Queen Elizabeth 2 Health Sciences Centre. Burrill worries that option might handcuff future governments to make changes to the hospital because it doesn’t own the building. He also believes the cost of leasing a building rather than owning it will be be more costly
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Burrill says Province’s Move to Centralization a Concern with Nova Scotians

Nova Scotia NDP Leader and Halifax Chebucto MLA Gary Burrill visited Antigonish on Wednesday,

NDP Leader Gary Burrill

taking in the Highland Games Street Fair, meeting with residents, and toured the Royal Canadian Legion CACL facility.

When asked what he’s been hearing from the Nova Scotians he’s talked to since province house closed up shop for the summer, Burrill said people are unhappy with the current government’s trend towards centralization and pointed to the dissolving of regional health and school boards as examples.

Burrill said the NDP feels Nova Scotia is a place of various and diverse regions, noting anyone who thinks a solution to health care systems that works the French Shore is going to work in Antigonish doesn’t understand the province.




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NDP Leader Gary Burrill makes a campaign stop in Antigonish talking health care and dental coverage

NDP party leader Gary Burrill stopped by Antigonish NDP candidate Moraig MacGillivary’s office Monday to discuss his party’s 30 million dollar  allocation to health care.

With a promise of 5.5 million dollars going to doctors and primary care in the pictou county area.


The announcement came just after Burrill spoke in New Waterford earlier this morning about his plan to provide better dental coverage for children 17 years and younger.

Burrill also announced his plan to provide better dental coverage for children 17 and younger.   Burrill announced the initiative while touring with his Cape Breton Centre candidate Tammy Martin.  Burrill provided details of his plan during a brief campaign stop in Antigonish yesterday. 


Burrill is trying to reinstate and expand upon a coverage plan that the New Democratic Party had in place between 2009 and 2013 – the last time their party was in power – which guaranteed coverage for children aged 10 to 14.