Northern Pulp

Posted at 10:31 am on December 7, 2017

A Nova Scotia author and former journalist says that she never expected so much attention to be drawn to her book about a Pictou County paper mill. The book, titled “The Mill: Fifty Years of Pulp and Protest” was recently released and the author expected it to be met with low fanfare.
Joan Baxter says that the Mill in Pictou County is a polarizing figure in the community, where people both support and dispise the industry. Baxter says her hope for the book is that people will take a critical look at the past 50 years and find a way to spark change:

Baxter says that the management of the mill put pressure on workers to sign a letter to the Coles bookstore chain, calling for the event to be cancelled. The store then cancelled a book signing, citing concern for safety and protest.

Baxter says instead, the Mill has helped her promote the book more:
Baxter says that since news broke of her cancelled signing, a number of other bookstores in the province has asked her to have book signings at their store. Baxter says she even though the book is published, she will continue to stay involved in the environmental happenings surrounding the mill.

Posted at 8:56 am on November 20, 2017

A fishermen’s association from PEI and Northern Nova Scotia have sent a strong message to Northern Pulp in relation to an effluent pipe. The two associations say that an effluent pipe into the water could have negative impacts on local lobster grounds. A release says that the Northumberland Fisherman’s Association would rather see a closed loop system, which prevents any dumping into the prime fishing grounds.

Northern Pulp says they plan to close their current treatment facility by 2020, which is when the new plant would be opened to treat the effluent. Fisherman say that no matter how treated the effluent is, it can have negative impacts on the fishing grounds.

Posted at 6:25 am on November 7, 2017

Community members and politicians gathered this past weekend to discuss a possible effluent treatment plant at Northern Pulp in Pictou County. Local fisherman and first nation members discussed their concerns with their local MLA, Member of Parlament and environment minister.
Tim Houston says after hearing about the proposed plant and the meeting that was held, he has a number of questions regarding the new treatment plant which could open in 2020:
For the last number of years, treated effluent was being pumped into the Northumberland Strait through Boat Harbour lagoon, which is slated to close in 2020. Houston encourages residents to keep their ears open and to pay attention to anymore future developments.

Posted at 6:54 am on October 11, 2017

The Province has ordered Pictou County’s Northern Pulp Mill to address issues with a power boiler that continues to fail environmental assessments. Environment Minister Iain Rankin announced the boiler is meant to operate with 150 milligrams per referenced cubic metre of particulate matter, but a June test showed levels of 224 milligrams.
The provincial order requires the company to make their stack test results on their website. The company must also provide the department with its external consultant reports. As a result of failing to reach terms and conditions, the company has been fined $697.60. Altogether, Northern Pulp will be required to conduct boiler stack tests four times a year.