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Nova Scotia Nature Trust Receives Donation of 230 Acres of Land along the St. Mary’s River

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust has received another significant land donation along the St.

Aerial view of the property being donated by Paul and Marsha Sobey. (Photo by Scott Leslie)

Mary’s River from the Sobey family.  Paul and Marsha Sobey have given the trust 230 acres of land, including three kilometres of shoreline.  The Nature Trust’s executive director Bonnie Sutherland says the property near Sherbrooke is ecologically diverse.

This is the second time in a year the Sobey family has donated property to the Nature Trust along the river.  In 2017, David and Faye Sobey contributed a 30 acre property nearby at Mitchell’s Pool.  This is the Nature Trust’s 9th conservation site on the river, preserving almost 1,000 acres of shoreline habitat.
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Sobey Family donates land on the St. Mary’s River to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust

It’s a significant gift of land in Guysborough County from the Sobey family to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.    David and Faye Sobey have donated 30 acres of land at

David  Sobey (left) and son Paul on the St. Mary’s River

Mitchell’s Pool on the St. Mary’s River, just north of Sherbrooke Village.

David Sobey says he’s pleased to have the Nature Trust protect this land forever.

The Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust Bonnie Sutherland , says it’s a significant conservation achievement.

Mitchell’s Pool

Sutherland says this acquisition also builds on work the Nature Trust has undertaken to protect properties along the St. Mary’s River.   The amount of land now protected in the area totals nearly 800 acres.