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Nova Scotia Power issues warning about a Text Message Scam

Nova Scotia Power is warning customers against a text message scam.

A press release from NSP states the scam involves customers receiving a fraudulent message to let people know about a refund. The text directs people to click a link, pick their bank, and enter their pin to access the refund.

NSP says these texts are not from the comapny, adding they would never ask customers for a PIN. They are asking people not to click on link and to report the texts to law enforcement.

NSP also asked customers to call their Customer Care Centre at 1-800-428-6230 to confirm any unexpected communications about bill payments or credits seeming to come from NSP.

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Nova Scotia Power Scholarship Winners Announced

Nova Scotia Power recently released its list of scholarship winners for this year.

Brianna Francis of Pictou Landing received the Mik’maw Scholarship, worth $1,500 per year and renewable for four years while, Abbygail Maclean of Thorburn received an Employment Equity scholarship, also worth $1,500 per year and renewable for four years.

Isaac Ketchum of Maryvale and Kira van den Heuvel of Port Hood received Environment Scholarships, each worth $1,000. Riley MacNeil of Iona, Caleb Hearn of Cleveland, Jacob Bowie of Antigonish, and A. Eve Ferguson of Port Hawkesbury received Trades Scholarships, also worth $1,000.

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Nova Scotia Power to install Smart Meters Province-Wide

Nova Scotia Power received approval from the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board to implement smart meters, a move NSP says will help them better serve its customers.

NSP President and CEO Karen Hutt says the new meters will allow the company to create a more modern energy grid capable to supporting further innovation. The project will involve replacing existing meters with the smart meters, which will send readings several times a day to NSP through a safe and secure private wireless network built as part of the project.

Hutt said municipalities that own their power utilities, such as the Town of Antigonish, will have to make their own decisions on the meters.

Hutt said NSP will spend the balance of 2018 getting all of the details and plans in place, and begin the roll out of the meters in 2019 with the aim of having the project complete by 2020. She said NSP is excited about the $133 million project, which NSP says will reduce costs in the electricity system by $ 38 million over 20 years.

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Nova Scotia Power Warns Customers about Text Message Scam

Nova Scotia Power is warning customers about a text message scam that is making the rounds in the province. In this scam, the text message indicates NSP has sent the customer funds and directs the recipient to click a link, select their bank and enter the PIN to access funds.

The texts do not originate from Nova Scotia Power. The utility says it would never ask customers to provide personal information like their PIN.

If you have clicked on one of these links, contact your bank immediately. If you received one of these messages, report the incident to police.

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Nova Scotia Power Continuing work on Installing Lines on New Towers Across the Strait of Canso

Nova Scotia Power Inc. recently completed installing the first of what will be six power lines crossing the Strait Of Canso.

Company spokesperson Tiffany Chase says over the last year  NSPI worked on setting up a new high voltage transmission line across the Strait of Canso beside the existing line. Late last year, they completed constructing six new towers, the tallest in Atlantic Canada, and they’ve been working on installing the lines on those new towers since.

NSPI personnel will be on both sides of the Strait to let the traffic know about the brief interruptions. Chase said NSP appreciates people’s patience as they complete the work.

The work is scheduled to continue through the month of June.

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NSPI talks to Inverness County Officials

Members of Nova Scotia Power Inc. visited Inverness County Council last Monday to flesh out

Inverness County Council was visited by representatives from NSPI last Monday. Trevor Beaton is seen here telling council about vegetation management.

the measures the power utility is taking to ensure their customers are getting their money’s worth.

Paul Casey, Vice President of Transmission and Distribution for NSPI, led the discussion.  He noted part of NSPI’s mandate is that, during major storms, outages have to be remedied inside 48 hours for 87.44 percent of customers. During extreme storms, power must be restored inside 48 hours for 66.28 percent of customers.

A full display of the points Casey made can be found online at nspower.ca.

Vegetation management was also mentioned during the presentation. In 2018, the power utility is planning to spend in the ball park of $600,000 on tree trimming in the county.


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Nova Scotia Power sets New Record for Electricity Generated from Renewable Energy

With some help from facilities locally, Nova Scotia Power says it set a new record for the amount of electricity it generated from renewable energy.

N-S-P says 29 per cent of its electricity came from renewables last year. The previous record of 28 per cent was set in 2016.

Wind power takes up the largest share of renewable energy generated at 19 per cent, followed by hydro and tidal at 8 per cent, and biomass at 2 per cent.

Some of the contributors locally to renewable energy includes a number of community based wind projects, as well as larger operations such as the Glen Dhu, Sable, Point Tupper and Wreck Cove wind farms. There’s also the Biomass facility at Port Hawkesbury Paper.

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Town of Antigonish Loses Appeal over Electrical Service to New Seniors Facility

Nova Scotia’s highest court has upheld a decision by the Utility and Review Board over electrical service to a seniors care facility being built by Shannex Group near the Bethany Motherhouse in Antigonish County. Shannex had expressed a preference to deal with Nova Scotia Power. The Antigonish Electric Utility currently services the Motherhouse which straddles the town boundary and hoped it would supply the new Shannex building.

In its decision last May, the UARB concluded the new facility is within the service territory of Nova Scotia Power and NSPI should provide service.

The town appealed, arguing the board made an error in its ruling that NSPI was the rightful electrical service provider.

However in its decision, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal said the UARB’s decision was reasonable. The court says the result is within a range of possible acceptable outcomes despite the fact the facility is less than 100 metres from the town’s boundary

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Nova Scotia Power’s Transmission Power installation project in Strait of Canso Pauses

Nova Scotia Power’s final construction phase for its project over the Strait of Canso is on hold. Transmission towers have been erected aimed at increasing hydroelectricity travelling from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia and to help the province meet its 2020 deadline for a 40 per cent renewable energy plan.

The current work involves installing high voltage electrical cables that will link the six new transmission towers. The first step is to install a pilot line to guide the installation of the electric line. Nova Scotia Power officials say on Sunday one of the pilot lines fell to the ground and the water below as it was being pulled to the next tower. No one was hurt, and risk mitigation measures were in place to protect everyone on site.

Line installation has been stopped to review how the incident occurred and take appropriate measures to resume work.

Marine traffic restrictions remain in place until the pilot line has been secured and removed. That is expected to be happen in the next day or two; marine restrictions will be lifted once work resumes.

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Nova Scotia Power’s New Tower Construction at Canso Causeway nearing completion

Nova Scotia Power is on their final construction phase for their project over the Strait of Canso. Towers were erected in effort to increase hydroelectricity travelling from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia and to help meet the 2020 deadline for a 40% reneweable energy plan in the province.

Spokesperson for Nova Scotia Power, Tiffany Chase says the final step for the towers is the installation of high voltage cables that will link the six new towers. As a result of this, Chase says that marine traffic only will be affected, and only for a short period of time.

Vessels intending to travel through this area should contact the onsite standby vessel or the Canso Lock, and proceed with caution through the area.