Nova Scotia Power

Posted at 10:11 am on January 31, 2018

Nova Scotia’s highest court has upheld a decision by the Utility and Review Board over electrical service to a seniors care facility being built by Shannex Group near the Bethany Motherhouse in Antigonish County. Shannex had expressed a preference to deal with Nova Scotia Power. The Antigonish Electric Utility currently services the Motherhouse which straddles the town boundary and hoped it would supply the new Shannex building.

In its decision last May, the UARB concluded the new facility is within the service territory of Nova Scotia Power and NSPI should provide service.

The town appealed, arguing the board made an error in its ruling that NSPI was the rightful electrical service provider.

However in its decision, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal said the UARB’s decision was reasonable. The court says the result is within a range of possible acceptable outcomes despite the fact the facility is less than 100 metres from the town’s boundary

Posted at 10:20 am on December 12, 2017

Nova Scotia Power’s final construction phase for its project over the Strait of Canso is on hold. Transmission towers have been erected aimed at increasing hydroelectricity travelling from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia and to help the province meet its 2020 deadline for a 40 per cent renewable energy plan.

The current work involves installing high voltage electrical cables that will link the six new transmission towers. The first step is to install a pilot line to guide the installation of the electric line. Nova Scotia Power officials say on Sunday one of the pilot lines fell to the ground and the water below as it was being pulled to the next tower. No one was hurt, and risk mitigation measures were in place to protect everyone on site.

Line installation has been stopped to review how the incident occurred and take appropriate measures to resume work.

Marine traffic restrictions remain in place until the pilot line has been secured and removed. That is expected to be happen in the next day or two; marine restrictions will be lifted once work resumes.

Posted at 10:45 am on December 8, 2017

Nova Scotia Power is on their final construction phase for their project over the Strait of Canso. Towers were erected in effort to increase hydroelectricity travelling from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia and to help meet the 2020 deadline for a 40% reneweable energy plan in the province.

Spokesperson for Nova Scotia Power, Tiffany Chase says the final step for the towers is the installation of high voltage cables that will link the six new towers. As a result of this, Chase says that marine traffic only will be affected, and only for a short period of time.

Vessels intending to travel through this area should contact the onsite standby vessel or the Canso Lock, and proceed with caution through the area.

Posted at 1:04 pm on October 27, 2017

Nova Scotia power will be using a helicopter to complete assembly of six new transmission towers across the Canso Strait. Brief traffic stops will be required on the Trans-Canada Highway at Aulds Cove to allow safe navigation of the helicopter carrying the tower components. Traffic stops will be a few minutes in duration, a few times daily over the next two weeks.
Traffic control personnel will be on-site to ensure safe travel through the area during this work. The new transmission line will provide an important back-up power source between Cape Breton and the Mainland, as well as enable additional hydroelectricity to flow from Newfoundland and Labrador as part of the Maritime Link.

Posted at 2:38 pm on July 21, 2017

Nova Scotia Power has awarded scholarships to 40 post-secondary students, including several from the local area.

Majd Al Zhouri

Among them is Majd Al Zhouri, a 21-year-old Syrian Refugee, who graduated from Dr. JH Gillis Regional High School last month.  Al Zhouri, who received a 15-hundred dollar renewable scholarship will be entering Engineering at St. FX in the fall.  Al Zhouri says he’s wanted to pursue a career in engineering since he was 12.
Other local students receiving scholarships from the utility include Chris Wallace and Brandon MacInnis of Antigonish, Jordan Bissonette of Port Hawkesbury, Alicia Aikens of Westville and Erica Hanhams of Guysborough.
This year Nova Scotia Power awarded more than 120-thousand dollars in scholarships to students enrolled in trades and degree programs.

Posted at 8:38 am on June 28, 2017

Keep your eyes on the road if you’re driving through the Canso Causeway over the coming weeks, but also keep an eye to the sky. Nova Scotia Power and contractor, ‘Tower Power’, started applying protective coating to 6 transmission towers on Tuesday afternoon.
Nova Scotia Power Project Manager, Grant Fraser says this type of work has been done before in Halifax. He advises motorists to pay close attention when driving through these work zones:
Fraser says some delays can be expected while work is completed, but disruption should be minimal. The coating will help prevent corrosion and extend the life of the structures by 20 years.

Posted at 12:15 pm on June 19, 2017

The Town of Antigonish is appealing a decision of the Utility and Review Board over supplying electrical service to a seniors care facility being built by Shannex Group near the Bethany Motherhouse.  The Sisters of St. Martha will move into the new building once it’s completed.  Shannex had expressed a preference to to deal with Nova Scotia Power.  The Antigonish Electric Utility currently services the Motherhouse, which straddles the town boundary.
In its decision last month, the UARB concluded the new facility is within the service territory of Nova Scotia Power and NSPI should provide service.
In its appeal to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, the town argues the board erred in law by ruling Nova Scotia Power was the rightful service provider to the new facility.
The Town is asking the court to rescind the UARB order and have the dispute referred to a differently constituted Board for re-determination.

Posted at 12:54 pm on May 16, 2017

The Utility and Review Board has sided with Nova Scotia Power over a dispute on supplying electrical service to the new home of the Sisters of St. Martha.  A new 25 bed nursing home is being built by Shannex Incorporated that will replace the Bethany Motherhouse.  It’s being built next door to the existing structure.
Power to the Motherhouse, that straddles the Antigonish Town Boundry, is supplied by Antigonish Electric Utility. The utility anticipated it would also be the service provider to the new building, which is located in the county.  However, Shannex has expressed a preference to deal with Nova Scotia Power.
The UARB concluded that the new facility is within the service territory of Nova Scotia Power and NSPI should provide service.   A determining factor was the location of a 25 kilovolt loop owned by NSPI that is used to power all substations that service the Town.  The board noted it is  between the new facility and the Motherhouse, creating what appears to be a natural electrical boundary.

Posted at 6:16 am on May 5, 2017

Local wind power projects are playing a role in helping Nova Scotia Power in attaining record renewable energy targets. 
The utility says last year, 28 per cent of the electricity used by Nova Scotians came from renewable resources.  That topped the previous record of 26.6 per cent in 2015.  A decade ago, only 9 per cent of Nova Scotia’s electricity was renewable.
In Guysborough County, the Sable Wind Farm and wind turbines in Mulgrave, Melford and Goldboro produce electricity to power five thousand homes.  Sable Wind is a partnership between the District of Guysborough and Nova Scotia Power.  Guysborough District Warden Vernon Pitts says he’s pleased with the municipality’s contribution to renewable energy.
In Antigonish County, the Glen Dhu Wind Farm and other wind turbines at Irish Mountain, Fairmont and Maryvale produce enough electricity to power 22-thousand homes.

Posted at 12:43 pm on January 5, 2017

One of Nova Scotia’s first wind turbines has collapsed in Grand Etang, Inverness County.  Nova Scotia Power confirmed the turbine that it owns and operates fell yesterday.  No one was at the site at the time of the incident and no one was hurt.  The utility will investigate to determine what caused the turbine to fall.
The 660 kilowatt Vestas turbine was constructed in 2002.  It was only the turbine of its kind in the province;  that make is not used  anywhere else in Nova Scotia.