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Town of Port Hawkesbury Planning a Trail to Connect NSCC to Downtown Area

During Tuesday’s  meeting of Port Hawkesbury Town Council, NSCC Strait Campus principal Tom Gunn thanked council for the active transportation greenway trail the town is going to build to connect  the NSCC and Embree’s Island to the downtown core.

Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton said building the trail is something that probably should have been done a long time ago, calling it a safe connection to the downtown and the school. She also said the NSCC is an important asset to the town.




The town hopes to build the trial in 2019.

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NSCC Strait Campus in Port Hawkesbury receives ACOA funding for Nautical Institute

The NSCC Strait Campus will be on the receiving end of an almost $850,000 contribution to the nautical institute. The ACOA funding will be put toward new digital software that simulates ice conditions and arctic navigation.
School principal Tom Gunn says that the Port Hawkesbury campus is well known for their nautical program, which will give students state of the art technology:
The simulator at the campus provides an immersive experience for students that will facilitate work with industry in the Northwest Passage.
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NSCC Strait Area Campus enrollment down this year

September enrollment numbers came out from NSCC , with a majority of schools staying close to their numbers from the previous year. At the NSCC Strait Campus, numbers are down 8.8%, showing an enrollment number of 613 full time students.
Principal Tom Gunn says that this enrolment number is only a peak into how many students attend the school, including part and full time students:
Between all the NSCC campuses, enrollment is expected to reach 20,000 students at the 13 schools
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NSCC Strait Area Campus talking to Port Hawkesbury officials about sidewalks leading to campus

The NSCC campus in Port Hawkesbury is located on a major roadway, and that is cause for concern with the school principal. Tom Gunn is principal of the school, and says that he and the school have had conversations with municipal and provincial officials regarding lack of sidewalks leading to the school.
Gunn says that the conversations he has had with officals so far has been positive:
The road where students walk has a speed limit of 70, and students walk on the shoulder of the road next to speeding vehicles. Gunn says that projects planned in the town plan to tackle this issue.