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St. FX Students voting in Referendum on Financially Supporting Oland Centre Upgrades

St. FX students are being asked this week if they support major renovations to the Oland Centre.  A referendum is included on the ballot in the annual Students

St. FX Students Union President Annie Sirois

Union general election, to be held Wednesday and Thursday.  Current Students Union President Annie Sirois says students are being asked if they would agree to pay an annual fee toward the upgrade.

Sirois says the students have the option to vote yes, no or to abstain.  Total cost of the renovation is 30-million dollars; about 13 million has already been raised.
The renovation project includes new classroom spaces, tripling the size of the fitness centre, overhauling public change rooms and varsity locker rooms; and replacing the exterior bleachers. The floor and seating in the main gym have already been replaced.
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Upgrade of Main Gym at Oland Centre Underway

The Main Gymnasium at St. FX University’s Oland Centre is undergoing a major facelift. The renovation, costing $1.2 million, was all raised through private

Conceptual artist rendering of the project which includes all phases of the multi-year project. Phase one, to be finished in August, includes a new floor and seats

donations.  The university’s vice president of finance and administration Andrew Beckett says the changes will give the gymnasium a new look.

The gym floor and bleachers were at the end of their life span.   The 50-year-old floor had a number of dead spots and showing wear, while the bleachers weren’t comfortable, lacking aisles and rails.
This project, part of multi-year upgrade of the Oland Centre will be completed in August.