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Paqtnkek to Provide Free Wi-Fi Internet Access to Homes in Businesses in the Community

The Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation is moving forward with a plan to provide free Wi-Fi internet access to homes and businesses in the community. 
Chief PJ Prosper says the service would be distributed to the community in phases.
Two towers will be erected on reserve lands to distribute internet, each home would have a small receiver to pick up the signal.
Prosper says this is an exciting development, where Internet has become a basic necessity in terms of education and entrepreneurship.
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Paqtnkek says Yes in Land Designation Vote

Residents of Paqtnkek have given the green light to a commercial development on reserve lands near the Paqtnkek Interchange Project , currently under construction.  The First Nations Community held what’s called a Land Designation Vote yesterday. Of 196 Community members who cast ballots, 192 said yes, two said no.  There was one spoiled ballot and one rejected ballot.

The first phase of the development, the Bayside Travel Centre, which includes a gas station, the relocated Paqtnkek entertainment centre and food service providers will be open in about a year from now.

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Paqtnkek holds a Land Designation Vote Today

Members of the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation have a decision to make.  The community members will be casting ballots in what’s called a Land Designation Vote today.  They are being asked on whether a parcel of reserve lands near the Paqtnkek Interchange Project currently under construction can be used for commercial development.
Chief PJ Prosper says if the community says yes, the development would move forward modestly.
Polls will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. today.
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Paqtnkek Set for Land Designation Vote on Interchange June 7th

Another important vote is coming up related to the Paqtnkek Interchange project, currently under construction.  The community is holding a Land Designation vote next Thursday.  The Director of Lands and Economic Development for the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation, Rose Paul, says this vote is a requirement under the Indian Act, where the community is being asked if businesses can be built at the interchange.
Paul says if the community approves, several projects will move forward in phase one of the development.
Paul says it’s hoped construction of the development will be completed by this same time next year.
More details can be found on the Paqtnkek Facebook Page.
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Paqtnkek and County of Antigonish sign a Friendship Accord

Paqtnkek and the Municipality of the County of Antigonish have signed a Friendship Accord. The accord includes a commitment by the two communities to

Paqtnkek Chief PJ Prosper and Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron shake hands after planting a black ash tree.

collaborate in such areas as economic development. It’s among the first of its kind in Canada.  The agreement was signed over the weekend by Paqtnkek Chief PJ Prosper and Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron at St. Anne’s Church, Summerside Road, also known as Walnek, a traditional meeting place for centuries. Prosper says what he hopes comes out of this agreement is that a relationship has been established


Participants at the ceremony smoked a traditional pipe, gifts were exchanged as a sign of friendship and a rare ceremonial black ash tree planted.

McCarron says with this accord, it brings the two communities closer.


This accord is one of the first in Canada to be signed by a municipal government and an Indigenous community.  The signing is the result of a program called the Community Economic Development Initiative, a joint project of the Canadian Federation of Municipalities and the Canadian Aboriginal Native Development Officers Organization

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Prosper re-elected Chief at Paqtnkek, four Band Councillors re-elected

Paqtnkek Chief P. J. Prosper has been re-elected to another term.  Prosper garnered 167 votes the community’s election Friday, compared to 114 for challenger Gerard Julian.

There’s little change in the election to Band Council.  Four councillors were re-elected; Kerry Prosper, Dolly Prosper, Anne Marie Paul and Judy Bernard-Julian. The fifth member elected to council is a newcomer; Tma Francis.   There were 16 names on the ballot.  Two ballots were spoiled

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Paqtnkek holding elections today

It’s election day at the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation. Community members will decide who will be their Chief and members of the Band Council.

There’s two candidates for Chief, incumbent PJ Prosper and Michael Julian.

There are sixteen candidates vying for the five seats on the band council. All five members of current band council are seeking re-election. Voting opens at 9 this morning and concludes at 8 tonight.

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Paqtnkek Economic Development Officer Rose Paul wins National Award

The Economic Development Officer for the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation, Rose Paul, has won a national Award.  At the conference of CANDO, the national Aboriginal Economic Development organization in Fredericton, Paul was named winner of the Economic Developer of the Year.
Paul says it’s a great honour and it raises awareness of what is taking place in Paqtnkek.
 One of the reasons Paul was nominated for the award was her work on the Highway 104 Paqtnkek Interchange project over the past decade.  Construction of that project is now underway.  Paul also played a key role in the economic partnership that has been developed between Paqtnkek and the Antigonish County Municipality.
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Paqtnkek and Municipality of the County of Antigonish present a national conference on their joint Economic Development and Planning Partnership

Representatives of the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation and the Antigonish County Municipality shared their experiences with joint economic development and planning at a national conference.  Last fall, the two goverments entered into a partnership called a Community Economic Development Initiative.  They received guidance from the national Aboriginal Economic Development organization called CANDO and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.  Paqtnkek Chief Paul Prosper and Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron made a joint presentation at the CANDO conference in Fredericton this week.
McCarron says both he and Prosper highlighted the details of the accord reached between the two communities and what the future may hold economically
McCarron says in the presentation he and Chief Prosper talked about opportunities of economic development, the need for building relationships and getting to know each other as communities.
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Highway 104 Paqtnkek Interchange project seen as a significant boost for the Community

The chief of the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation P. J. Prosper says the Highway 104 Interchange project presents opportunity.  Over the weekend, the federal and

Paqtnkek Chief P. J. Prosper

provincial governments announced 15.3 million dollars for the project.  The province will spend up to 8.9 million dollars on the Interchange, the federal government more than 6.4 million.

The interchange will provide access to Paqtnkek reserve lands that have been cut off from the community since the construction of the Trans Canada Highway in the 1960’s.   Prosper says this will allow the community to grow, and for its residents to dream about what is possible in the future.


Prosper says community members are excited about the future.

Transportation Minister Lloyd Hines says the Highway 104 Paqtnkek Interchange project is a game changer for the First Nations community.

Hines expects this project  will have a significant economic impact to Paqtnkek.

Cape Breton-Canso MP Rodger Cuzner  says this project is key for the community.


Construction of the project is already underway