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Town of Antigonish supports ban on Single Use Plastic Bags


At last night’s council meeting, the Town of Antigonish approved a motion to support a province wide ban on the use of single use plastic bags.

Councillor Jack MacPherson said the motion came from the Eastern Region Solid Waste Management committee, which is made up of five municipalities. Each municipality will write to the government in support of banning film plastic bags. MacPherson said the province used to be able to sell the plastic bags but there’s no longer a market and they are banned from most landfills.

He added the motion wouldn’t have much of an impact on the town itself but will impact retailers.



In the interim, MacPherson said they are strongly encouraging resident to use reusable shopping bags.

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Antigonish Town Councillor urges residents to switch to Reusable Shopping Bags

An Antigonish Town Councillor wants area residents to reduce their use of plastic bags from grocery stores. Councillor Jack MacPherson says that the market for plastic bags is reduced, and more bags are being placed into landfills.
MacPherson says that use of reusable bags is encouraged, and he wants town and county residents to do what they can to protect the environment:
Halifax City Council is trying to put a ban on plastic bags, and MacPherson says that Antigonish has an opportunity to greatly reduce the amount of plastic bags that go into landfills.