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Former Port Hawkesbury Mayor Pays Tribute to Port Hawkesbury Paper’s Marc Dube

Former Port Hawkesbury Mayor Billy Joe MacLean says it’s a sad day to lose someone like Marc Dube.  Dube, who served as the development manager with Port Hawkesbury Paper, died last week.
MacLean says Dube was straight forward and helpful in explaining the industry.
MacLean says without the efforts of both Dube and former Premier Darrell Dexter, the paper mill never would have reopened.
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Strait Area Chamber President pays tribute to Port Hawkesbury Paper’s Marc Dube

Marc Dube, who served as development manager with Port Hawkesbury Paper passed away on Thursday.

Richie Mann, president of the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce, said Dube was a visionary and a big reason why there is still a paper mill in the area.

Mann said Dube was able to have all of the stakeholders understand the challenge they were facing in re-opening the mill and got everyone to buy into the recovery plan. He called Dube a leader in the process that resulted in keeping the mill.



Mann said he dealt with Dube both as a chamber president and also through Mann’s work with the Melford terminal project.  Mann said Dube was phenomenal to deal with and made it well known the parties would work together. Through the chamber, Dube was chair of the industry committee, and Mann called him a delight to work with.

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Port Hawkesbury Paper officials address Antigonish County Council Meeting

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish heard from representatives of Port Hawkesbury Paper (PHP) during the county’s regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night. The representatives discussed the forestry practices of the company, some of which include clear cutting.

Warden Owen McCarron said the presentation usually happens once a year, where the plant comes and talks about what they are doing in the region. McCarron called it a good opportunity to learn about the practices of the company. When asked about the topic of clear cutting, the warden said is part of the treatment that is needed.


The warden said PHP is a big employer in the area and a solid contributor to the economy of the province, noting it is important to hear what they have to say.

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Port Hawkesbury Paper Officials Speak to Inverness County Council about Operation

Andrew Fedora, Leader in Sustainability and Outreach at Port Hawkesbury Paper, popped into

Andrew Fedora updated Inverness County on activity at Port Hawkesbury Paper

Inverness Council’s June meeting to give a quick update on his Point Tupper operation. He said myths and misconceptions about the forestry industry exist, and he’d like to do all he can to clear them up. He acknowledged that PHP does clear cut, but that it isn’t a “default tool” for the industry. He added that the company stopped using herbicide sprays in 1997, and that the products produced by PHP are Forest Stewardship Council certified.

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Provincial Trade Minister hopeful duties imposed on Port Hawkesbury Paper will be reduced

Port Hawkesbury Paper will be receiving a break when it comes to countervailing tariffs laid against them. Tariffs related specifically to electricity have been reduced for the company, which the Minister of Trade calls a great corporate citizen.
MLA Geoff MacLellan says that the paper company is playing on a level playing field with other competitors in the industry, which was the reason for the lowering of the tax. MacLellan says that he and the paper mill were confident in their ability to reduce these countervailing tariffs:
While MacLellan says he cannot speculate, he says there is potential for further reduction in taxes for Port Hawkesbury Paper. As of now, MacLellan says that the tariff rate is at 20%, but he admits there are logical reasons for reducing that number more.