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Nova Scotia Power Warns Customers about Text Message Scam

Nova Scotia Power is warning customers about a text message scam that is making the rounds in the province. In this scam, the text message indicates NSP has sent the customer funds and directs the recipient to click a link, select their bank and enter the PIN to access funds.

The texts do not originate from Nova Scotia Power. The utility says it would never ask customers to provide personal information like their PIN.

If you have clicked on one of these links, contact your bank immediately. If you received one of these messages, report the incident to police.

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Antigonish RCMP Warning Public About Telephone Scam

Antigonish RCMP says culprits are contacting people in the local area by way of telephone scams.  RCMP say the Publisher’s Clearing House scam is involved in their investigation.  Police say the fraudster contacts the victim, in many cases a senior, and tells them they won the sweepstakes or they are the second place winner. They promise delivery of the winnings; however, en route they get delayed and cannot deliver unless they receive some money from the potential victim. Police say don’t fall for it!    Meanwhile, another involves Government of Canada back taxes.  RCMP say seniors are targeted in this scam too.  Antigonish RCMP say is an appropriate time to raise these issues because March is Fraud Prevention month.