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JR Rahey's

Bargaining between Sherbrooke Village employees and Restoration Commission stalls

Bargaining involving the government and a Guysborough County museum seems to have hit a snag as both groups try to reach a tentative agreement. The Sherbrooke Village Restoration Commission and the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union were in bargaining negotiations with the MacNeil government.
President of the NSGEU, Jason MacLean says that talks were heading in a positive direction, until yesterday when he says it became clear that the employer’s proposal did not get approval from the government. MacLean goes on to say in a release that the wage offer and the proposal for a classification adjustment schedule were both worse than they were last week.
As a result, conciliation failed and the NSGEU has scheduled an information session for Monday of next week, August 28, where the employees will discuss their next steps. There are 73 members of Local 50 that work at Sherbrooke Village.