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Posted at 8:21 am on March 5, 2018

Another major scholarship for St. FX University. The John and Judy Bragg Foundation is donating $500,000 to establish the Dr. Ann Sherman

(From Left to Right) Bill Gunn, administrator of the Jeannine Deveau Educational Equity Endowment Fund; John and Judy Bragg, uncle and aunt of Dr. Ann Sherman; Dr. Carla Sherman, niece of Dr. Ann Sherman; Mark Sherman, brother of Dr. Ann Sherman; and StFX President Dr. Kent MacDonald. (St. FX University Photograph)

Scholarship. The scholarship is to recognize their niece, a respected former faculty member and director of education at St. FX.

The Jeannine Deveau Educational Equity Endowment Scholarship Fund, established by a 1944 alumna at St. FX will match the contribution, making it a $1 million scholarship. The Deveau fund was established to make university more accessible African Nova Scotian and First Nations Communities.

Bursaries for the Sherman Scholarship will be available to students in all programs in the faculty of education and Adult Education including Bachelor, Masters and PhD Levels.

St. FX President Kent MacDonald says this new scholarship will ensure the university is able to support African Nova Scotian and Aboriginal Canadians can attend programs in the Faculty of Education.

Posted at 10:25 am on February 16, 2018

A St. FX graduate who led the university’s extension department , was a pastor and Archbishop has died.  Archbishop Joseph Neil MacNeil was 93.

MacNeil graduated from St. FX in 1944 with an Arts degree.  He was ordained as a priest in 1948.  MacNeil served as an assistant pastor at three Nova Scotia parishes.

He led the extension department at St. FX for nine years in the 1960’s before being appointed Bishop of Saint John, New Brunswick in 1969.  In 1973, he was appointed Archbishop of Edmonton, a position he held until his retirement in 1999.   He was inducted into the St. FX Hall of Honour in 2015.    MacNeil’s funeral will be held in Edmonton Friday.


Posted at 9:50 am on February 12, 2018

A new observatory has opened in the area, thanks to collaboration with a number of community groups and organizations. The St.FX Observatory officially opened on January 29th after a nearly 15 year absence in the community.
Senior Physics Lab Instructor at StFX, Jamie Powell says having the observatory will be well utilized by both St.FX and the general public. He says that getting an observatory built in the area was something he worked hard for over the years:
Powell says there will eventually be a schedule for the telescopes in the observatory so the public can gaze at the night sky. The original observatory was constructed on the roof of the old science building, the Schwartz School of Business around 1979.

Posted at 7:22 am on February 8, 2018

In September, St.FX University will have seven new living learning communities in its residences. These learning Communities will allow students to live in a

St. FX Photograph

community tailored space that relates to their academics or lifestyle interests.

Director of Student Life at the University, Jacqueline De Leebeeck says these ‘communities’ allow like minded people to work and live in a common space, which can create a better university experience.   De Leebeeck says that this style of living has proven to help students develop better during their time in university:


Some examples of the living learning communities includes two academic-focused communities for nursing students and another for students enrolled in the Humanities Colloquium, along with several interest based and lifestyle communities.

Posted at 9:19 am on January 26, 2018

St. FX students have elected their leaders for the 2018-2019 academic year. Rebecca Mesay was chosen Students Union President during a general election held

Rebecca Mesay

Wednesday and Thursday. Mesay beat out two other challengers for the post, Lucas Middleton and Will Fraser.

Mesay is currently the Students Union Vice-President of Residence Affairs.

Tiffany MacLennan, now the Deputy Chair of Council was elected Vice President Academic. MacLennan was the only candidate for V-P on

Tiffany MacLennan

the ballot.

Students also approved an annual 125 dollar student fee for renovations at the Oland Centre in a referendum included with the election. The new fee is expected to raise $5 million toward upgrades over the next 10 years.

Posted at 9:50 am on January 24, 2018

St. FX students are being asked this week if they support major renovations to the Oland Centre.  A referendum is included on the ballot in the annual Students

St. FX Students Union President Annie Sirois

Union general election, to be held Wednesday and Thursday.  Current Students Union President Annie Sirois says students are being asked if they would agree to pay an annual fee toward the upgrade.

Sirois says the students have the option to vote yes, no or to abstain.  Total cost of the renovation is 30-million dollars; about 13 million has already been raised.
The renovation project includes new classroom spaces, tripling the size of the fitness centre, overhauling public change rooms and varsity locker rooms; and replacing the exterior bleachers. The floor and seating in the main gym have already been replaced.

Posted at 2:47 pm on January 23, 2018

A program in St. FX University’s Chemistry department that engages local youth has received $40,000 from the federal government’s CanCode program.

X-Chem outreach provides hands-on chemistry, science and coding in the Antigonish and surrounding area. There are workshops at schools in May and June, camps are held on campus in July and August and workshops at St. FX during university terms. Professors, students and staff from science, engineering, computer science and education take part in the program.

CanCode is a $50 million  fund announced in last year’s budget, supporting the development of coding and digital skills for youth across Canada. X-Chem Outreach is the largest recipient of funding from this program.

Posted at 9:36 am on January 23, 2018

Workshops with the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre are being held through St.FX University residences to talk about consent. The educational workshops were planned last summer, and the reception through the residences on campus has been positive.
Director of Student Life at the University, Jacqueline De Leebeeck says that the students are eager to have discussion around sexual violence, and each session has had a solid turnout. De Leebeeck says the workshops have happened at 5 of the residence buildings so far and the relationship with the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre has been great:
The workshops will continue through all of the residences up until the start of exams.  De Leebeeck says it is important to keep the conversation ongoing, and there are more plans moving forward in the residence life curriculum.

Posted at 7:23 am on January 17, 2018

A community information session was held at St.FX University over the past two evenings discussing sexual violence prevention and response on campus.

St. FX University Vice President of Finance and Administration Andrew Beckett

Discussion last evening focused on communication from the university regarding assaults that have occured this school year.

Vice President of Finance and Administration, Andrew Beckett says the school does have a committee put together to improve the way the university discusses and handles sexual violence on campus. Beckett says the univeristy is working hard to improve communication:
Beckett says the group is looking at ways they can more pro-actively communicate about sexual violence and also create a template to better communicate to the campus.
Beckett says he also wants to see the university shed the reputation of being a party centered school. Andrew Beckett made these comments after last evenings community information session on sexual violence prevention.
The issue was raised by St.FX women’s basketball coach Augy Jones, who says that the drinking culture, along with male privilege are problems at the univeristy and in culture. Beckett agrees that both need to be addressed at the school:
Beckett sits as a member of the St.FX sexual violence prevention committee, who are working to adress the recent assaults on campus. The group is also promoting “Visible at X”, which serves as a means to support anyone who has experienced sexual violence on campus.

Posted at 6:53 am on January 17, 2018

Recent discussions between St.FX Univeristy and the town and county of Antigonish were positive, and all groups are looking for ways to improve student life in the

area. The topic was brought up during last evening’s county council meeting, where Warden Owen McCarron says he attended a meeting with members of both councils and university officials.

McCarron says topics varied, but discussion around Homecoming spurred a great deal of conversation from every side of the table. McCarron says that the university is looking at ways to build a framework around the week long celebrations:
McCarron says he was pleased to see the groups meeting and looking for improvements even after the hustle and bustle of home coming has wrapped up. McCarron says that everyone wants to find ways to make the event safe for students and residents of Antigonish.