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X-Ring Recipients told Wearing the Ring Carries Great Responsibility and Symbolizes the University’s Commitment to Serving Others.

Monday was an exciting day for about 900 senior students at St. FX University, as they

Caelan Peters of Halifax is one of more than 900 hundreds students to receive their X-Ring today at StFX

received their coveted class ring, better known as the X-Ring.

The guest speaker at the X-Ring ceremony was the University’s Manager of Student Experience Augy Jones, who told the students wearing the X-ring carries great responsibility. Jones says over the course of their university career, students have honed their social skills because of the residence-based lifestyle at St. FX.  He argues this close socializing has developed St. FX into one of the strongest alumni networks in the country and these soft skills are quite marketable in today’s society.

Jones says the X-Ring also symbolizes the university’s historic commitment to serving others.

The class also conferred an honourary X-Ring to the Dean of Education Jeff Orr.   Earlier this fall, the school presented an honourary X-Ring posthumously to the General Manager of Food Services with Sodexho, Kevin Fraser.   Fraser, who worked at St. FX for 15 years, died earlier this year.

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At St. FX Fall Conovation 20 LPN’s receive their Nursing Degree

It’s a first for St. FX University’s Rankin School of Nursing.

AO LPN advanced major students Jennifer Hynick, Keith Torrey, Shauna Burns and Vivian Ramsay pictured at their project presentation (St. FX photo)

At the university’s fall convocation over the weekend, 20 students who are also Licensed Practical Nurses received their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree under an Acceleration Option program.  Four of the students also completed an advance major project.
The acting director of the school of nursing, Cathy MacDonald, says it’s an historic moment.
Under an acceleration option, students complete the traditional four year program in two years.
LPN’s who qualified for the program graduated from NSCC after 2008, and have at least 18-hundred hours of work experience.   They also completed a bridging program in collaboration with Cape Breton University.
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St. FX Student Liam Elbourne looks to further education in Economics with a Rhodes Scholarship

StFX University student Liam Elbourne was recently named as a Rhodes Scholar for 2019.

Liam Elbourne (St. FX University photo)

Elbourne, a Halifax native, is studying economics at X and is captain of the varsity men’s soccer team. He said he was completely shocked to find out he was named a Rhodes Scholar but it is starting to settle in.

The Rhodes Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the world and allows the winners the chance to study at England`s University of Oxford. He said the scholarship is valued at over 100,000 dollars, covering two years and it is extendable to a third. While the scholarship doesn`t necessarily guarantee entrance into Oxford, Elbourne said he would like to study economics there.


Elbourne was the top ranked Business Administration student at StFX in the 2017-18 academic year with a 94.25 average. He was a finalist last year for the Frank H. Sobey Award for Excellence in Business Studies and received the StFX Athletic Director’s Award for academic achievement in 2016-17. On top of that, he is a four-time U SPORTS academic all-Canadian.

When asked how he was able to balance academics and athletics, Elbourne said he feels they go hand in hand. While he admits he wasn`t the best student prior to university, Elbourne said he quickly learned skills like working hard and developing solid training habits help in the classroom as well as on the pitch.

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Memorial to be Held Tuesday at St. FX for victims of a Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh

St. FX University is hosting a memorial to honour the eleven people who died in the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.  The memorial will be held on Tuesday, on the one month anniversary of the shooting.  One of those who will be speaking at the memorial is St. FX student Madison Kendall.  Kendall says she will speak of her own life as a member of Jewish faith and how this event has impacted her.
The event is being organized by a service learning group that is going to the Auchwitz Concentration Camp in Poland during the winter study break. The memorial will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Schwartz Auditorium
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St. FX to Confer Two Honourary Degrees at Fall Convocation

StFX University will bestow a pair of honorary degrees during its fall convocation next weekend.

Dr. Thomas De Konick

Dr. John F Dewey, one of the first geologists to apply plate tectonic

Dr, John Dewey

theory to specific mountain belts will be one of the recipients. Dr. Thomas De Konick is on tap to receive the other for work in human dignity and his work in the philosophy of education.

Dr. Randy Lauff was also named as the recipient of the 2018 outreach award and Kelly Thompson will receive the 2018 outstanding staff teaching award.

Students will receive over 200 degrees and diplomas, including 41 graduates of the Coady Institute’s diploma in development leadership program.

The convocation is set for 3 p.m. at the Charles V Keating Centre on December 1.

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St. FX University student launches program to Repurpose Hearing Aids For Those Who Need Them

A university student is hoping to help others with her new initiative.

Emma Logan (St. FX University Photo)

Halifax native and fourth year StFX business student Emma Logan has launched Hearing for All, a program aimed at repurposing hearing aids people are no longer using. She is collecting previously owned hearing aids and offering them to those in need of such devices.

Logan, who grew up wearing a hearing aid and a cochlear implant, traveled to Australia as part of a student exchange last year. While there, a professor who knew Logan wanted to start a social enterprise suggested she start a program for those without access to the kind of audiology care she received.

She is working in partnership with Calgary based charity Gift of Hearing.

Logan will head to the Dominican Republic, where Gift of Hearing has an audiology clinic, in April and she plans to bring 1,000 hearing aids with her. She has already started her collection.


Those looking to donate hearing aids can visit hearingforall.ca


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Refugee Day Planned for St. FX University

StFX Refugee Awareness Day is taking place Tuesday. The event is hosted by WUSC StFX, StFX for SAFE, the students union and office of the president. The day will include a talk from Dr. Yvon Grenier on the politics of migration and displacement, another from Dr. Elizabeth McGibbon on gender and refugee social justice, and a presentation from members of the Al Hariri family on their journey to Antigonish.


Evan Kotler, president of StFX for SAFE, said his group has been trying to set up an awareness day for some time. He said they are trying to spread awareness for their cause within the student body.

The speeches begin at the Xavier Hall Gardens at noon and run until 4. The presentation from the Al Hariri family and organizers is set for 6:30 p.m. at the Schwartz Auditorium.

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The number of Part-Time Instructors at St. FX below the Provincial Average for Nova Scotia Universities

While 53 per cent of teachers at Nova Scotia’s 10 universities are under contracts rather than

St. FX Physical Sciences Centre

permanent positions, that isn’t the case locally.

Mary Oxner, president of the StFX Association of University Teachers, said they have 73 members this term who teach on a part-time basis of approximately 250 members.  She did say they see an increase in part-time particularly in certain departments, and to replace faculty. Oxner said they appreciate there is an increase both in terms of part-time members and those on limited time appointments, adding those members would have some precarious-ness to their employment.

Oxner said she thinks the university needs to be a role model, set an example for how they treat people and to be a good employer, and to provide people who are working hard with some sense of their continued employment.


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St. FX University participating in an Atlantic Trade Mission to China

A representative from St. FX University is part of the Atlantic Canada Trade Mission that is in

Shanghai, China

China this week. Joe MacDonald, the university’s executive director of Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives is included in a delegation of Atlantic Federal Ministers, Premiers and more than 70 regional businesses and organizations.

The delegation will be in China from tomorrow until next Tuesday. The official itinerary includes the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo in Qindao  the China International Import Expo in Shanghai and the Canada China Business Council Annual General Meeting in Beijing.

Atlantic Canadian goods exported to China totalled more than 1.7 billion dollars last year, a 37 per cent increase over 2016. Chinese tourism to Canada is also up, with 695-thousand arrivals last year, up 12 percent over the previous year. The Atlantic region is hoping to grow the numbers even more, promoting its strong export potential, growing innovation ecosystem, it’s world-class education institutions, skilled workforce and world-renowned tourism experiences.


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St. FX University Continues to Reinstate Computer Services following a Cyber-Attack

It was a busy weekend for St. FX University’s Information Technology Services Team, reinstating servers on the school’s network following a cyber-attack. The university issued an update last evening indicating it’s employing a staggered approach to bringing the systems back online to minimize potential risk. Some services such as Wifi, Moodle and debit transactions have been restored.

On Thursday, I-T-S disabled all network systems in what it learned to be an automoated attack on its systems known as “cryptocoin mining” . The malicious software attempted to utilize the university’s computer power to create or discover bitcoin for monetary gain. It doesn’t appear any personal information in the network was breached.