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Canadian Olympian Jillian Saulnier visits Hockey Nova Scotia U18 Women’s Hockey Camp at St. FX

An Olympian from the province is looking forward to the next stages of her career.

Jillian Saulnier


Halifax native and Olympic silver medalist Jillian Saulnier was in Antigonish last week to visit the Hockey Nova Scotia U18 Women’s hockey team take part in a Canada Games summer camp at StFX. Saulnier said she was able to share her story with the team and show them the what they can accomplish.


Saulnier is a new member of Les Canadiennes de Montréal of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, after being traded from the Calgary Inferno. She says she is back in training and set her sights on making the Olympic Women’s team heading to Bejing for2022.


There is a national camp taking place in September and then the Four Nations Cup is set for November in Saskatchewan.


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St. FX Researcher to study Reasons behind High Rates of Colorectal Cancer in Atlantic Region

A St. FX University researcher is planning to explore why Atlantic Canada has the highest rate of colorectal cancer in the country.  Statistician Derrick Lee will examine genetic risk factors and how determinants such as our diet may play a role in colorectal cancer.  Lee says he will glean figures gathered in a study called the Atlantic Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health.  It studies factors that contribute to cancer and chronic diseases in the region.



Lee says the study follows more than 31-thousanand Atlantic Canadians, including 16-thousand Nova Scotians over 30 years.


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Highway 104 Twinning increases safety and boosts economy

During a stop in Pictou County, Prime Minister  Justin Trudeau announced a federal contribution of $90 million for the twinning of a 38 kilometre section of the 104 between Sutherland’s River and Antigonish. Trudeau then visited Antigonish with Central Nova MP Sean Fraser, where he was also able to tout the funding.

A release from the government states the twinning work will include new, 10 kilometre, four-lane alignment between Barneys River and James River, south of the existing Highway 104. The province is kicking in $195 million.

 Trudeau said the the twinning will help economically as well as increase safety on the 104.  

Work on the twinning is set to begin early in 2020, with a completion goal of 2024.


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Small Propane Leak Detected Over the Weekend at St. FX University

There was a small propane leak on the St. FX University campus over the weekend. University officials say it involved a tank behind the Keating Centre Saturday morning. The school says the propane tank pressure regulator failed which caused over pressurization of the propane piping at the tank. The safety value opened to relieve the line pressure, venting the excess pressure of propane into the atmosphere. St. FX security officials contacted the propane emergency number and 911 was called. Police and fire officials arrived on the scene. Propane technicians were called to the site and repairs were made to the system

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New Shipbuilding Chair in Arctic Policy at St. FX to research a number of issues related to Northern Shipping and Transportation Systems

The university’s newest chair said he is looking forward to the position.

Dr. Peter Kikkert

St.FX University and Irving Shipbuilding Inc. recently named Dr. Peter Kikkert as the new Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Arctic Policy. Kikkert says his work will involve researching a number of items such as the development of a polar code for shipping, the evolution of northern transportation systems, and the enhancement of local search and rescue and emergency response systems in northern communities.


The main focus of the chair, said Kikkert, is creating policy relevant research and information for decison makers looking at the arctic. He will also be teaching a course in public policy through the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government, which Kikkert said he is excited about starting.


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Peacock looking forward to serving St. FX University as Chancellor

St.FX University’s newly named chancellor is happy to still be a part of his alma mater.

John Peacock

The university announced John Peacock as its new chancellor on June 15. Peacock, an X alumnus and Canadian business and philanthropic leader, said he was surprised and pleased to receive the position, which he calls an honor. While Peacock said the position is largely ceremonial, part of which is conferring degrees at the spring and fall convocations, he said the position is also a resource for the university’s president and board of governors.

Peacock and his wife are StFX graduates from the Class of 1963. Peacock served on the Coady International Institute Advisory Board and his wife served on the StFX Board of Governors. Together they established the Dr. John T. Sears Chair in Corporate Responsibility at StFX in recognition of Peacock’s former professor.

He officially takes on the role of chancellor on September 1.

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John Peacock to succeed Susan Crocker as Chancellor of St. FX University

St. Francis Xavier University recently named John Peacock, a StFX alumnus and Canadian

John Peacock

corporate and philanthropic leader, as the university’s 10th chancellor.

Peacock is the retired executive VP of Fednav Limited where he continues to serve on the Board of Directors. He is also on the Board of Teekay Offshore Partners and is active in pursuing the philanthropic interests of The Peacock Family Foundation.

Peacock and his wife Adrienne are StFX graduates from the Class of 1963 remain involved at their alma mater. Peacock served on the Coady International Institute Advisory Board. Peacock and his wife established the Dr. John T. Sears Chair in Corporate Responsibility at StFX in recognition Peacock’s former professor.

He takes on the role of chancellor on September 1, 2018.

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St. FX Psychology Professor discovers Troubling Findings on Cannabis Use by Youth

A St. FX University Psychology Professor has discovered some concerning results from a ten year study on cannabis use by Canadian Youth.
Two new studies followed the patterns of marijuana use across a decade in Canadian youth.  It found  those who use cannabis early and continue to use it often are more likely than their peers  to have re-occuring problems, poor health and less occupational and educational success as young adults.
The research was led by Dr. Kara Thompson of the St. FX Psychology Department.    She says as Canada moves towards legalization of recreational cannabis later this year, she hopes this research contributes to the conversation on minimizing risk to young people.
The study looked at data from the Victoria Healthy Use Survey, which followed 662 young people for a decade from 2003 to 2013
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Atlantic Nurses Gather for a Labour School At St. FX University

About 350 nurses from the four Atlantic provinces are at St. FX University this week.  They are

Nova Scotia Nurses Union President Janet Hazelton

here for what’s called the Eastern Labour School.  The three day event is hosted by the Nova Scotia Nurses Union,  The N-S-N-U’s President is Antigonish native and St. FX graduate Janet Hazelton. She says the school offers a variety of courses to delegates.

Hazelton says the labour school has a mix of delegates. Hazelton says some serve union leadership roles in their province, while others have never been active in their union or attended a labour school before.   The Eastern Labour School began yesterday; it wraps up tomorrow.
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St. FX President Reflects on University’s Past and Future at Weekend Gala

St. FX President Kent MacDonald told a local audience a recent meeting with a former faculty

St. FX President Kent MacDonald

member caused him to pause on the university’s historic past and where it is going.  MacDonald spoke at the President’s Gala, an annual event where the university recognizes individuals and groups who have contributed to the university over the past year.

MacDonald says he was summoned to Sydney by 97-year-old Sister Margaret MacDonnell, a 37-year member of the faculty.
MacDonald says Sister MacDonnell reminded him that St. FX must look longer term if the school is going  to prosper.
Sister MacDonnell also talked about others who supported the university many years ago,  including local congregations and Cape Breton coal miners.
MacDonald says Sister MacDonnell also reminded him that St. FX  must remain humble and the University’s best future has yet to come.