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Sarah MacDonald becomes New Executive Director of the St. Martha’s Hospital Foundation

There is a new executive director of the St. Martha’s Hospital Foundation.

Executive Director of St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation, Sarah MacDonald

Sarah MacDonald began serving in the position on Thursday. She previously served as the  manager for public engagement and community health board support with the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the former Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority as director of public relations and community engagement.


MacDonald said one of the things she is going to focus on in her role is the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital foundation endowment campaign.  She said the campaign is a little over 75 per cent of the way to its goal of raising $20 million by 2026.


MacDonald said they will also be reaching out to their current donor base, noting local businesses have been amazing providing support. She said she looks forward to working with the community, the current donors, and the volunteers, adding she is thankful to be part of the team.

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Hospital Help Day a Success

It’s been another successful Hospital Help Day. The annual radiothon in support of St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation was held yesterday on 989XFM. The event raised more than 66-thousand dollars.

Pledges made yesterday can be honoured at any chartered bank in Antigonish.

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Sobey Foundation contributes $1 million to St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation’s Endowment Fund Campaign

It’s a significant donation to the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation’s “The Time is Now

Sobey Foundation Chair Frank Sobey (left) and St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Internal Medicine Doctor Amy Hendricks

Campaign”.  The endowment fund has received a $1 million donation from the Sobey Foundation.   Campaign Chair Steve Smith says the gift has pushed the fund’s total to $16.1 million.  That’s over 80 per cent of its goal of $20 million.

The gift from the Sobey Foundation will support cardiorespiratory care at the Hospital.  To recognize the donation, the cardio and respiratory services will be named Sobey Cardiorespiratory Services.

Sobey Foundation chair Frank Sobey says they decided to support the campaign for several reasons.


St. Martha’s Internal Medicine Doctor Amy Hendricks says the contribution is significant.

Hendricks says the donation will also be helpful in recruiting specialists.

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Commissioned Art Work “Journey” Pays Tribute to the Sisters of St. Martha in Antigonish and Beyond

It’s a tangible recognition of a new stage in the life of the Sisters of St. Martha in Antigonish.  At a special ceremony Tuesday at the new home for the Sisters

“Journey” by Anna Syperek

of St. Martha, at Martha Place at Shannex Parkland, a large piece of art was unveiled.  It was commissioned by the Town and County of Antigonish, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation and St. FX University.  The five panel art work, called “Journey” by Anna Syperek, shows an unending road that passes by many familiar scenes, including farmland where many of the sisters grew up, to St. FX University, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, the Bethany Motherhouse, fishing villages, to a big city and the mountains to depict the wide reach of the work of the Sisters.  Congregation leader, Sister Brendalee Boisvert says the depiction of the unending road is fitting of how the Martha’s see themselves.


Boisvert says they felt the love of the local area by the many tributes at the ceremony of the Sister’s long history, to its work at St. FX University, support to

Depiction of St. FX University in “Journey”

local clergy, work in the Antigonish movement and the founding of several hospitals in the Diocese including St. Martha’s Regional

The Bethany Motherhouse in “Journey”

Hospital and the St. Martha’s School of Nursing.

Syperek says the painting shows the many stages in the lives of the Sisters.

Syperek says this is the largest project she has undertaken.   It took three and half months to complete

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A Palliative Care inpatient unit planned for St. Martha’s Regional Hospital

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital will soon get a new Palliative Care inpatient unit. The Nova Scotia Health Authority has announced a local company, Tate

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital

Construction has been awarded the contract to build the unit, to be located on the hospital’s fourth floor.  Work is expected to begin in mid-January. St. Martha’s Regional Hospital site lead Martha Cooper says it will be a dedicated unit with six beds.

The new unit will include space for families and volunteers.
The St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation has committed up 600-thousand dollars to fund capital costs, while the hospital auxiliarly will contribute up to 150-thousand dollars for furnishings and equipment.
The new unit will open later next year.
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Open Arms Family Clinic Representatives from St. Martha’s Hospital present at a National Conference

A clinic for expectant mothers at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital in Antigonish that is somewhat unique to Nova Scotia received some national attention.  It’s called

Nurses Lisa MacDonald (left) and Colleen Boyd (right) of the Open Arms Family Clinic at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital at a national conference in Halifax where they made a presentation on the clinic.

the Open Arms Family Clinic in the Children and Women’s Health Unit at St. Martha’s.

Nurses Colleen Boyd and Lisa MacDonald made a presentation on their clinic to the recent Canadian Association of Perinatal and Women’s Health Nurses National Conference in Halifax.  Both are international board certified lactaction consultants.
MacDonald says the clinic works with the expectant mothers in the months leading up to the birth to develop a plan after the baby is born.   MacDonald says in the past, health care professionals with the hospital met the mother for the first time when she arrived to deliver her baby.
Boyd says support is also provided by the clinic to the Mom after the baby is born
Boyd and MacDonald made a presentation to the conference thanks to support from St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation.  Their presentation, called “Ahead of the Birth, Planning Post Partum Discharge Prenatally” was well received.
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“Ceilidh in the Round” a success

 One of the organizers with last weekend’s “Ceilidh in the Round” for the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation’s  Endowment Fund is pleased with the event.  Mike Silver says total revenue for the  concert was about $47,000.  Silver says after expenses are paid he expects a profit of approximately $20,000.
Silver says the project came together very quickly.
Silver says he heard a lot of positive feedback to the venue, a field in behind the Victorian Inn.  Plans are in the works for a similar event next year.  It will again use the “kitchen party” style format, where the artists face each other and feed off each other’s performances.
Silver says it’s also planning a smaller concert later this month at Piper’s Pub, featuring Dennis Ryan
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“The Time is Now” Campaign conducts second Mail-Out to reach more area residents

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation is conducting another mail-out as part of its “The Time is Now” endowment campaign.  Envelopes were sent out this week to all homes in Antigonish, Guysborough, Inverness and Richmond Counties.  In the package is information about  the campaign, a pledge card and a return envelope.
Campaign chair Steve Smith says it’s doing this for several reasons.
The first mail-out took place in November.  So far, the Foundation has received pledges and donations totalling 12 million dollars.  The Foundation hopes to raise 20-million in 10 years.
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St. Martha’s Endowment Campaign going well.

It has been six months since the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital foundation kicked off their endowment campaign, and the money continues to roll it. The campaign now has 12 million for the endowment fund since the inception in September.

Steve Smith is the campaign chair for the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital endowment campaign. Smith says receiving donations is critical for the future of the foundation:


Smith says the goal is still to reach 20 million dollars by 2026. You can expect to find an envelope in your mailbox at the beginning of May, asking for a donation if you haven’t already filled out a pledge card.

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Time is Now Campaign goes before business community

The chair of the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital  Foundation’s “The Time is Now” Campaign is taking his message to the business community today.  Steve Smith will be speaking to “Business Connects” , the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce’s networking and information series.  It will be held from 4 to 5:30 at the People’s Place Library.   Smith says he’ll be talking about the importance of the campaign and how fund-raising is progressing.   Smith says support from the business community and hospital staff has been encouraging.  He says it’s also reaching out to the community for support.
The goal for the endowment fund is to raise 20 million dollars by 2026.