Strait Regional School Board

Posted at 7:11 am on February 13, 2018

Work is moving along in the construction of a skilled trades centre at Richmond Education Centre and Academy. The project is moving ahead on time and on budget according to the Strait Regional School Board’s Acting Director of Operations.
Paul Landry says that there have been a few delays in the project, but everything is progressing nicely for the expected opening date in the fall:
Landry says that the board aims to have the Skilled Trades Centre opened in September for the start of the 2018-19 school year.

Posted at 10:28 am on February 12, 2018

The Chair of the Strait Regional School Board says it’s business as usual while the board waits for the government to pass legislation that will dissolve the school boards. Jamie Samson says that it has been a challenging few weeks since word came down that the boards would dissolve following the recommendation of an educational consultant.


While the end is near, Samson says that the board is continuing to do what they can for the students they serve. Samson, however, still does not see the benefits of recommendation one in Dr. Avis Glaze’s report:



Samson says that meetings are scheduled locally this week between education minister Zach Churchill and school board superintendents and senior staff, along with members of the School Advisory Council. Samson says board members are continuing to work for the students and ensure they have the best educational experience possible.

Posted at 12:54 pm on February 8, 2018

Local schools are celebrating African Heritage Month. The theme of African Heritage Month this year is Educate, Unite, Celebrate Community. In the Strait Regional School Board the district will focus on the history, culture and achievements of people of African descent. The Board launched African Heritage Month celebrations at its regular monthly public meeting at the Afrikan Canadian Heritage and Friendship Centre in Guysborough last night.

It included reading of proclamations by the board’s Joanne Reddick and Guysborough District Deputy Warden Sheila Pelly. There were also student performances, Presentations by the Board and the Heritage and Friendship Centre, the unveiling of the board’s African Heritage Month poster and the cutting of a celebratory cake

Posted at 12:43 pm on January 25, 2018

The Chair of the Strait Regional School Board, Jamie Samson, says he’s “deeply disappointed” the province will dissolve Nova Scotia’s seven elected English

Strait Regional School Board Chair Jamie Samson

speaking school boards.  Samson says school boards have been strong advocates for their areas, so cutting them now doesn’t make sense.

Samson says school boards have been a valuable contributor to education.  He says many of the recommendations made in the report by consultant Avis Glaze came from the boards, including an increased focus on Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotian education.

Posted at 9:42 am on January 24, 2018

A new report from an educational consultant recommends the scrapping of seven of Nova Scotia’s eight school boards because of a lack of clarity and coherence. The report, prepared by Avis Glaze was released yesterday and details a number of methods of how the provincial structure can be fixed.

In a written statement, Chair of the Strait Regional School Board, Jamie Samson says that: “With the release of Dr. Glaze’s Report this morning, the Strait Regional School Board Members and Senior Staff are now taking time to review Dr. Glaze’s recommendations and the complete report closely.

Samson says the board understands the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development will be responding to Dr. Glaze’s Report this afternoon. At that time, the Board will know more about the Government’s intentions related to Dr. Glaze’s recommendations and more specifically what it means for the Strait Regional School Board.”

Posted at 10:48 am on January 4, 2018

The Strait Regional School Board is preparing for new students to be entering area schools for the 2018-19 school year. During last evening’s monthly board meeting, Superintendent Ford Rice said that registration for grade primary is upcoming, which brings excitement throughout the board.

Rice says that seeing enrollment numbers for grade primary gives them an idea of what class sizes and enrollment will look like for the coming school year:


Parents can register their children for grade primary by visiting schools between January 22 through the 26th during regular school hours.

Posted at 10:42 am on January 4, 2018

Strait Regional School Board members and officials are awaiting a report following a review of the province’s education system. In October, Education Minister Zach Churchill appointed Dr. Avis Glaze to conduct an internal review of the provincial education system.

Board Chair, Jamie Samson says that anticipation regarding recommendations within the board is quite high around the report. Superintendent Ford Rice says that the review inspects four aspects within the education system:


Samson says that the report was submitted toward the end of 2017, and he expects the full report to be released within the coming weeks.

Posted at 10:33 am on January 4, 2018

No change is afoot in the Strait Regional School Board for board members attending their monthly board meetings after discussion around bylaws. Article 3.10 within the board’s bylaws

Strait Regional School Board Chair Jamie Samson

and rules was up for discussion, with the topic centered around board member’s attendance, and the use of electronic telecommunication.

Board chair, Jamie Samson says that the changes put forward were to update the wording of the bylaws and to reflect the technological changes of 2018. Samson says that all board members had a chance to voice their concerns about the proposed changes in the bylaw:



Samson says most of the changes were to ‘modernize’ the wording of certain sections, which some board members took issue with. Some members expressed their concern over privacy while using electronic devices to attend meetings, while others didn’t think the new amendments were clear enough on other issues.

Posted at 12:38 pm on November 21, 2017

Strait Regional School Board officials say one of their school buses was in a collision with a car this morning. The crash involving bus 290 occurred around 8:30 this morning on Highway 4 in Monastery. On board the bus were 28 students who attend East Antigonish Education Centre and Academy.

EHS, RCMP, the local fire department, school administration and School Board Transportation staff responded. The students were assessed by EHS personnel. As a precaution, three students were taken to hospital; two by family members and one by EHS for further medical assessment. The other 25 students continued to school. Parents and guardians of all students were contacted.

The RCMP and the School Board’s Transportation staff are investigating the crash.

Posted at 8:55 am on November 20, 2017

Last week, the Halifax Regional School Board made an announcement regarding their new policy for snow days. Under the new policy, the board can delay the opening of schools in order to have less full day cancellations.

This is an idea that has been in the Strait Regional School Board for more than a year now. A spokesperson from the SRSB says that they added a ‘delayed opening of schools’ option to their class cancellation procedures in February of 2016. This would allow the board to delay the opening of schools by a couple hours, allowing students a chance to get a partial day in.

The SRSB says they have never used it and it would only be used in rare circumstances when an extreme weather event has concluded but snow clearing or other operations require additional time.