Strait Richmond Community Health Board

Posted at 9:19 am on October 3, 2017

Three local Community Health Boards have released a list of non-medical factors impacting health it feels should be looked at.
The Antigonish Town and County, Guysborough and Strait Richmond Community Health Boards have released its three year Collaborative Community Health Plan. Priority areas include Poverty, Early Childhood Development, Food Security and Social Inclusion. Social Inclusion includes such issues as rural transportation, inter and intra generational interaction, impacts of racism, reducing stigma associated with persons living with mental health issues, gender inequality, over-reliance on technology and disengagement from one’s community.  The report was based on a survey and community meetings
The Chair of the Antigonish Town and County Community Health Board, Philip Girvan say many of the issues raised in the report are related to poverty.
Girvan says all three health boards plan to discuss the findings with local municipal councils.

Among the recommendations include adopting a living wage policy, development of community gardens and actions plans to further address issues of social isolation.