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Local Companies Submit Low Bids

Two local construction companies submitted the low bids on several projects in the province.

Alva Construction posted the lowest tender of $1.9 million for a replacement of the Cape St. Mary’s Bridge in Digby County. Two other companies offered quotes on the project.

Nova Construction submitted the lowest bid of $846,000 for drainage improvements, patching and repaving in Antigonish County, at Addington Forks Road and the Natural Resources Department Parking lot on Beech Hill Road.

Two other companies provided estimates.

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Local Companies win contracts

Tenders continue to be awarded as more roads in the Province require patching and repaving. Nova Construction won a bid for 4.5 million dollars for highway rehabilitation work. Alva construction will be doing ‘cold planing’, signs, lighting and patching with a winning bid of 648 thousand dollars.
Locally, a tender is up for 380 tonnes of asphalt patching in the Town of Antigonish.
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Local company receives a couple of contracts

With a rough winter that doesn’t seem to end, it comes the time of year where road work is on the forecast. Finley Brophy Trucking, a local company, has won the bid for two separate ditching and culvert installs in Pictou County. One tender is for a single job with the winning bid came in at over 83 thousand dollars. The second tender to Finley Brophy is for another four sections of ditching and culvert installs through Cape Breton with a winning bid of 63 thousand, 500 dollars.