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Make Yer Own Wine and Beer

Theo Fleury speaks to St. FX audience

Hope and healing. That was the message that former NHL All Star Theo Fleury passed on to the nearly 100 people who came to the Schwartz Auditorium to hear about Fleury’s story. The speech was about trauma and the suffering that he went through from his upbringing until he was kicked out of the NHL. Fleury mentioned the importance of self help and how he was able to turn his life around after almost taking his life.

While he is well known for hisStanley Cup win and Olympic Gold Medal, Fleury says his time talking to people who suffer from trauma is the most rewarding part of his life. Though times may be tough, Fleury says that there is always light, even in the darkest hour:


Fleury concluded his speech saying that no one has to suffer in silence. People are always willing to listen and help. He says the greatest pleasure in his life now is listening and helping those who suffered from a similar trauma as he did.