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Highland Drive/West Street Traffic Lights installation delayed

Traffic lights being placed at the intersection of Highland Drive and West Street in Antigonish are coming; even though the project has been delayed. The lights were expected to be completed by the end of October, but the project got delayed while parts were crossing the border.
Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher says that town residents can expect the lights to be up in the coming weeks, which will hopefully make the intersection a little safer:
Boucher says that the company that was contracted to do the work is now in penalty for the delays caused in the project.
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Erection of New Traffic Lights at West Street/Highland Drive Intersection Underway

A project to install a new set of traffic lights at the corner of West Street and Highland Drive in Antigonish is progressing well.
Work on the project began about a week ago.  Mayor Laurie Boucher says it’s expected to be completed by October 31st.
Lynk Electric was the winning bidder on the project; the value of the contract is 119-thousand dollars.
The new traffic lights along with others in the town will be equipped with audio signals, part of an accessibility plan in Antigonish Town and County.