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New Homeless Shelter opened in New Glasgow in Memory of Civil Rights Pioneer Viola Desmond

A new shelter has opened its doors in New Glasgow.

Viola Desmond

Mark Farth, board member for the Viola’s Place Society, said the lone homeless shelter in the area closed about two years ago. Since then, citizens formed a steering committee which turned into a board. He said they fundraised for about a year and a half to purchase the former Pentecostal Life Church which housed the old shelter in the basement. Farth said they have the rest of the building for future uses for the community.

The name of the shelter, Viola’s Place, is in memory of Viola Desmond.



The society is looking for volunteers. Anyone interested is asked to call 752-0550, visit the society’s Facebook page, or via email at  violasplacesociety@gmail.com. Farth said volunteers would need a background check to work inside the shelter but added there are plenty of other jobs to do for people who want to help.

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Work underway to establish year-round Shelter in Pictou County

Progress is being made in Pictou County to ensure everyone has a shelter year round. The Viola’s Place Society is currently working to obtain a building which would be converted into a full-time shelter, which has been absent from the community.
President of the Violas Place Society board, Karen MacPhee says the need for a full time shelter in the community is high; a person slept in a local ball field for 7 nights because there was no shelter in the area. MacPhee says the public can become involved in many ways:
The Viola’s Place Society is in the process of purchasing the Pentecostal Church of Canada with the intention of converting it into a shelter. If you would like more information about the group, visit them on Facebook by searching “Viola’s Place Society”.